Future S9 Stars; JV Sections Results, 2012 Youth Sections Info!

Monroe Woodbury edged Minisink Valley by one point (158-157) this past Saturday at the JV Sectionals held in Warwick.  Click below for full results and to catch glimpse of some of the names you’ll be reading about for the next couple of years in Section 9 Wrestling!!!

                                                         2012 JV Sectionals

Hey….speaking of future S9 champions, I hope everyone is registered for the Section 9 Youth Championships scheduled for this coming Sunday 2/12 at Monroe Woodbury High School.  The tournament is also open to modified wrestlers as long as their birth year is 1998 or 1999.  Click below for tournament and registration information.

                                 2012 Section 9 Youth Wrestling Championship



Anibal Nieves: Ellenville graduate, NCAA All-American, 2X Olympian

This week’s edition of the Section 9 Wrestling Talk show will be be very special.  Yes we will, of course, spend a great deal of time discussing the up-coming Section 9 Wrestling Championships.  The show will also have a special guest who is about to start something very significant for the sport of wrestling…specifically women’s wrestling. 

Ellenville graduate Anibal Nieves has received approval to launch the first ever women’s college wrestling program in New England.  Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA will have a women college freestyle wrestling team. They will be a part of the Woman College Wrestling Association (WCWA). STCC will be the first college in the Northeast & New England to have a women’s college team. They will join 18 other colleges nationwide plus Canada to be part of the WCWA.  Anyone interested contact Anibal Nieves at anibalnieves@sprint.blackberry.net  or (413) 221-5633. 

To get all of the information, tune into tonight’s broadcast at www.kjbroadcasting.com at 7:00PM to hear the show live.  If you miss it, the show will be archived by tomorrow for on-demand enjoyment.  

DV Spring League Registration and Information

Delaware Valley High School (PA) will be running their spring wrestling league again this year.  Matches are held every Wednesday at the high school from April 4th until May 9th.  Click below for the registration form which includes contact information for DV head coach Lou DeLauro.

                                        2012 Delaware Valley Spring League


Sannella defeats Gorelov; MV 34 Warwick 33 on criteria

In one of the most exciting dual meets of the year, Minisink Valley defeated Warwick 34-33 (criteria 8 matches won) on the last day of regular season wrestling in Section 9!  Warwick had a 33-30 lead going into the final match of the evening where defending Section 9 champion Pavel Gorelov of Warwick was set to take on Minisink’s Anthony Sannella at 195 pounds.  Sannella weighed in at 182 but was forced to bump-up to take on Gorelov in what proved to be an extremely exciting match.  In the end, Sannella was able to hold off Gorelov to earn a 6-5 victory and secure the victory for Minisink.  In the other marquee match-up of the evening, Warwick 7th grader Ryan Ferro was able to convert a 3rd period reversal into a pinfall to defeat Minisink’s Mason Rambrose at 113 pounds.  Congratulations to both teams for having phenomenal regular seasons….both MV and Warwick, along with Monroe Woodbury, have been ranked in the top 20 in NYS all season long!  Next stop….the Section 9 Championships!  Check back for schedule and seeds as they become available.

Minisink Valley 34 Warwick 33

In the other match scheduled for Friday, Cornwall was able to defeat Monticello by a score of 66-12.  It the most anticipated match of the evening, Monticello’s Paul Gomez was able to hold off Cornwall’s Brett Johnson for a 11-8 victory at 126.

                                                          Cornwall 66 Monticello 12 

Thursday’s Results….Shocker at 285 as Cheeks upsets Stanley

Newburgh Free Academy 46 Saugerties 24 In one of the biggest upsets of the year, NFA’s Terrence Cheeks upended Saugerties’ defending S9 Champion Ethan Stanley 6-5!!!  How did it happen?  Here is a match summary provided by the NFA coaches:

In a scramble off the initial takedown in the first 15 sec Cheeks put Stanley on his back.
He kept him there for the rest of the period.  Nearly everyone in the gym thought he had pinned him.
Stanley chose down in 2nd, Cheeks immediately put him neutral 5-1.
Stanley took Cheeks down about 1 min in 5-3.  Stanley rode him out.
Cheeks chooses neutral to start the 3rd.  With about 45 sec left, Stanley took Cheeks down to tie it at 5-5.
With about 15 sec left Cheeks escaped and held on for the 6-5 win.

NFA Coach Jeff Cuilty had this to say about Cheeks’ stunning performance.

“Stanley is a great wrestler, a hard worker and a great kid. I felt bad for him as it was his last home match as a senior.  He battled for 1:45 to get off his back and that took a lot out of him.

This is HUGE for CHEEKS.  The fact that he didn’t get the pin and was still able to get the win going the full 6 min is even more impressive.  As great kids go, and guys you want to have on your team to be able to coach, he jumps to the top of the list.  Everyone I know likes Cheeks.  This will be a tremendous boost to his confidence.  It probably doesn’t change a thing with respect to S9 seedings,…. but the night belongs to Cheeks.  He beat possibly the best kid in the state and you cant help but be happy for him.” 

Minisink Valley Loses Community Icon Bob Perino


Bob Perino with his grandson Steven Lloyd

Last Thursday, January 26, 2012, the Minisink Valley community lost a dear friend.  Bob Perino, the long-time owner of Perino’s Market in Slate Hill, passed away surrounded by his loving family and friends.

If you’ve ever attended an event at Minisink Valley, chances are you’ve been to Perino’s which is located a few hundred yards down the street from the school on Rt. 6.  Whether it was for a cup of coffee, a sandwich, or to grab a quick snack for before or after the match, Perino’s Market has become synonymous with Minisink Valley athletics.  Perino’s Market is only a store though.  Bob Perino, the man, however, was the epitome of what “community” is all about. 

Always there to greet you with a smile and a friendly “hello”, Bob’s legacy extends far beyond the four walls of any store.  His generosity to Minisink Valley extra curricular activities was unparalleled.  Nearly every team (youth through varsity), club, or program at Minisink Valley has approached Bob over the past 30 years for a donation, contribution, or sponsorship….and without exception, Bob would help out.  Why?  Because Bob Perino believed in sports.  He believed in the life lessons learned through competition: preparation, perseverance, team work, winning with humility, and accepting defeat with character. 

In an almost “chilling” coincidence, Bob passed away exactly six years to the day of another Minisink Valley icon, long-time wrestling and football coach John Bell.  Mr. Perino and Coach Bell were good friends.  Bob always made sure that Coach Bell was “treated” to his cup of coffee on game/match day.  Perino was Coach Bell’s oldest son Chris’s first little league coach.  Bell was the JV baseball coach for Bob’s two sons Robby and Jeffrey.

The Minisink Valley community will never be the same.  Rest in peace Mr. Perino.

Wednesday’s Results; MW 43 Warwick 27 in Battle of NYS Ranked Teams

MW 43 Warwick 27  Murphy majors Corradino 14-6, Ferro over Smoot 7-2
Middletown 48 Kingston 32  Middletown’s Jackson strong in return; Stauble over Smith
Port Jervis 57 Goshen 30  Wilson over Merenyi 2-0
Ellenville 45 Highland 24     Ellenville 54 Millbrook 6
NFA 48 Pine Bush 30   Stramiello over Foschini 9-4 @ 113
Cornwall 52 Saugerties 21  Mentz over Gagnon; Mann over Farrell
Onteora 54 Liberty 15     Onteora 51 Eldred 21

Updated Rankings; Huge Matches This Week

With a relatively quiet week of wrestling, the Section 9 Wrestling rankings did not change much….definitely not the case this week!!!  Below is a printer friendy version of the entire slate of action in Section 9 this week.  One of the marquee matches occurs on Wednesday when Warwick travels to Monroe Woodbury to take on the Crusaders.   Monroe would like to avenge its early season one-point loss to Warwick when the two teams met in the finals of the Section 9 Duals.  The other highly anticipated match is Friday’s showdown between Minisink Valley and Warwick.  Year after year, this dual meet proves to be one of the most intense and hotly-contested matches of the season.  This year should prove to be no different.  Monroe Woodbury, Warwick, and Minisink Valley are all ranked in the top 20 in New York State.
                                                   This Week’s Section 9 Wrestling Schedule

                                                           Rankings # 9

          99                            106                               113                                120                                126
1. Daly – MV            1. Stramiello – PB           1. Kreider – Corn          1. Corradino – War        1. Murphy – MW
2. Cuccolo – PB       2. Raccioppi – MV          2. Rambrose – MV       2. Januszkiewcz – NP   2. Brown – Midd
3. Vespa – MW        3.  Smoot – MW              3. Baum – MW              3. Hodes – RV                3. Derham – NFA
4. Rivera – NFA      4. Ingraham – High        4. Andreakis – Wash    4. Mongiello – Wash    4. Gomez – Mont

          132                           138                               145                                152                                160
1. Roth – Corn          1. Connolly – War      1. Wierzbicki – War        1. Bedross – War          1. Sause – PB
2. Dimler – RV         2. Muller – PJ             2. Sauschuck – PJ          2. Weston – PB             2. DeCarlo – PJ
3. Robles – PB          3. Morse – RV             3. Voelker – MW            3. Sommer – RV           3. Milano – MW
4. Circelli – MW       4. Milisci – Wash       4. Fennell – MV              4. Edwards – PJ           4. Weigel – Ont

        170                             182                               195                                  220                             285
1. Casey – Wash        1. Sannella – MV       1. Edmond – King           1. Gorelov – War          1. Stanley – Saug
2. Nelson – Midd      2. Hasan – VC           2. Kelly – MW                  2. Winters – Wall         2. Stauble – King
3. Mayo – MV            3. Sakac – War          3. Leavell – War              3.  Ortiz – Midd            3. Cheeks – NFA
4. McGuire – NFA    4. McWeeney – King         4. Nastro – Gosh             4. Vasco – MW            4. Smith – Midd

                                                                    Printer Friendly Version
                                                                           Week 9 Rankings