Holiday Tournament Results

Minisink Valley @ Kittatinny, NJ                    MV Results
Champ: Chris Truglio                       
Other Placewinners:  Mike Raccioppi 2nd, Tom Daly 3rd, Gerard Daly 3rd, and Frankie Hernandez 3rd.

Port Jervis @ Bethlahem Catholic, PA
After Day 1: Dylan Booth (120), Dan Decarlo (160), Tanner Sexton (170), and Joe Bock (220) advance to semis.
Final Results:
Decarlo 1st @ 160
Booth 2nd @ 120
Sexton 3rd @ 170
Quick 6th @ 132
Bock 6th @ 220

Monroe Woodbury @ Massapequa                           Results
Champs:  Vinny Vespa (106), Kevin Kelly (113), Evan Barczak (120), and Rob Kelly (220)
Other Placewinners:  PJ Smoot 2nd, Tyler Vervalin 3rd, Shane Smith 4th, Brandon Lewis 4th, Andrew Tully 4th, Marcello Gennaro 4th, Sean Eskildsen 4th  

Several S9 Teams @ Mid-Hudson Tournament              Final Brackets
Results as they come in….                                                                Day 1 Pool Results
99: Olmedo (Arl) beats Lynch (VC) 6-0                                  Section 9 Results By Team
106:  Pulver (Saug) pins  Arciniega (Long)                              Wallkill                Saugerties
113:  Stramiello (PB) pins  Benson (RH)                                 Kingston              Red Hook
120:  Brice (Longwood) wbf over Ingraham (Highland)       Cornwall              Pine Bush
126:  Delacruz (Ossining) 7-2 over North (PB)                        NFA                      Highland
132:  Tolli (Arl) 8-5 over Hasan (VC)                                        Valley Central     Rondout Valley
138:  Johnson (Cornwall) 6-2 over Crespi (Wallkill)
145:  Murphy (Ketcham) 7-3 over Storer (Cornwall)
152:  Guevara (Wallkill) pins Connolly (Long)
160:  Peterson (Arl) 11-3 over Fekishazy (Wallkill)…Fekishazy wins Freshman MOW award
170:  Blasko (Wallkill) by medical forfeit (Zsido from Cornwall)
182:  Silveri (Arl) 4-2 over Aurwater (CS)
195:  Grella (Beacon) pins Jessell (Cornwall)
220:  Bethel (Saugerties) pins Kaminer (Hewlett)
285:  St. Onge (CS) 4-2 ot over Curiel (Hewlett)

Washingtonville @ Michael O’Connell Memorial Tournament
Washingtonville Finished 2nd out of 14 teams, behind Pearl River. The individual results were:
Bruce McLee -1st Place at 172lbs
Bryan Beyers – 1st Place at 184lbs
Keyon Harris-Milner – 1st Place at 197lbs
Sam Weinger –  2nd Place at 220lbs
Brandon Bobe – 3rd Place at 128lbs
Mohamed Shidid – 3rd Place at 154lbs


13 thoughts on “Holiday Tournament Results”

  1. I was there today and I have to admit you don’t give any wrestler credit at all that diverse it. Hasan a crazy match with Tolli ending at 8-5. Hasan beat Sebesta 8-6 and it looked good after the referees screwed him with a 5 point peterson. Guevara beat Osman Hasan. Rob Cuomo pinned Jesse day one but unfortunately didn’t make it to the finals. Can you actually put some effort into your work. There is more than what you see win or lose. Give some respect to section nine wrestler who work their ass off and don’t get any credit from people like you.

    1. I am sorry that you are unhappy with my work. I always appreciate additional info from the matches as I can’t always attend every tournament. Please keep in mind that I have a full time job that usually consumes between 65-70 hours of my time on a weekly basis. I provide updates on the site as often as possible with the time that I have available.

  2. Mike your doing a great job with the web site. There were some great matches yesterday at the Mid Hudson Tournament . What needs to be adressed is the continued stalling that is allowed .

    1. Thank you and I agree about the stalling….I would like to see stalling warnings and points issued quicker than they currently are

  3. By any chance, do you have the results to the Somers Tournament that was held on 12/28/13. I thought it would have been posted with the rest of the holiday weekend results. I’m a proud father of a Middletown High School wrestler. Go Middies!!!

  4. If you do not appreciate the work that Mike does on this site then dont use it!!! All of Section 9 should be very thankful for the outstanding coverage we get.

  5. Saugerties, what wrestlers do you think Diverse more coverage? Most wrestler are Diversing of credit for going out there. Mike tries to credit the Diversing wrestler. If you know of any Diversing candidates just speak up. I’m sure those Diversing wrestlers will get the credit they Diverse.

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