Rankings #4

S9sitelogoQuite a few changes in this weeks rankings!  Lynch from VC drops down to 99 and grabs the #2 spot.  Pulver from Saugerties appears at 106 with an impressive Mid-Hudson Tournament.  Stramiello dominated Mid Hudson at 113 and Kelly wins Massapequa so he moves to the second slot.  Rumor has it that Gerard Daly from MV will be at 113 this weekend.  Booth loses in finals of PA tournament but still keeps top spot over new #2 Barczak who won Massapequa.  126 is crazy!  North from PB enters rankings at #4 with win over former #1 Rauch at Mid Hudson.  Burns loses a wild one to defending state champ Delacruz from S1.  Smoot  was runner up at Massapequa.  I went Burns, Smoot, North, Rauch but you could pretty much take your pick…4 studs.  Truglio dominant at NJ event so he stays #1 but Hussain Hasan beats Sebesta so he jumps to #2.  Raccioppi loses to a NJ state qualifier at Kittatinny but is still #1.  At 145 I dropped Ferro in at #3.  He was previously ranked at 152.  Guevara is the new #1 at 152 followed by Aeberli.  Decarlo clear #1 at 160 but Wallkill frosh Fekishazy enters at #2 with a great showing at Mid Hudson.  Morse from Rondout also cracks the rankings here at #4.  How did I figure out the top four spots at 170?  Pretty simple…I put their names in a hat and picked!  170 is loaded in S9!  McShea new #1 at 182. Cuomo regains the #1 spot at 195 by avenging his loss to Jessell at the Mid Hudson. In S9, 220 and 285 are tough to distinguish.  I have a tough time believing that Kelly, Bethel, Serrano, Weigner, Mascaro and Humphrey will all go 220.

                 First                                        Second                             Third                                    Forth
99:    Anthony Stramiello (PB)   Tyler
Lynch (VC)          Jarred Greiner (MV)          Marco Vespa (MW)           
106:   Vinny Vespa (MW)           Pedro Rosales (Midd)   Jamie Pulver (Saug)           Isaiah Gut-Vera (Mid)    
113:   John Stramiello (PB)         Kevin Kelly (MW)         Taylor Benson (RH)           Mike Feliciano (High)
120:   Dylan Booth (PJ)              Evan Barczak (MW)       Austin Ingraham (High)   Gerard Daly (MV)   
126:   Da’mani Burns (NFA)       PJ Smoot (MW)             AJ North (PB)                      Matt Rauch (RH) 
132:   Chris Truglio (MV)           Hussain Hasan (VC)      Nick Sebesta (Wall)            Sean Foschini (NFA)         
138:   Mike Raccioppi (MV)       Brett Johnson (Corn)     Joe Ginley (War)               Brandon Crespi (Wall)
145:   Tom Wightman (War)    Frank Hernandez (MV)   Ryan Ferro (War)              Dan Storer (Corn)      
152:    Alec Guevara (Wall)        AJ Aeberli (War)              Osman Hasan (VC)           Brandon Lewis (MW)
160:   Dan Decarlo (PJ)             Mike Fekishazy (Wall)     Alex Munoz (Saug)            Eric Morse (RV)
170:    Tyler Blasko (Wall)         Quinn Zsido (Corn)            Kyle McGuire (NFA)        Tanner Sexton(PJ) 
182:    Nick McShea (MW)        Eliot Marzano (King)         Deonte Moore(MV)          Nathan Donah (Saug)  
195:    Rob Cuomo (Saug)          Erik Jessell (Corn)             Jake Wood (King)             Dustin MacKenzie (Ont)  
220:   Rob Kelly (MW)               James Bethel (Saug)         Brandon Mascaro (Wall)  Joe Humphrey (Midd)
285:  Isaac Serrano (NFA)        Sam Weigner (Wash)        Andre Davidson (King)     Troy Grant (NP)

5 thoughts on “Rankings #4”

    1. I agree…I was thinking about him as well as Santos from MV…the remainder of the season at 220 and 285 could prove to be very interesting!

  1. There is an error in your rankings. Cuomo lost to Andrew Grella, of Beacon, in the semis of the mid hudson, then Grella beat Jessell in the finals. Cuomo has not avenged his loss to Jessell yet. Grella must be a stud to pin the top two guys in Section IX in one day.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t see the pool match results, I just saw a bracket. His dad told me after I posted that Cuomo DID pin him. Hopefully I can make it up to Sullivan this weekend for easterns.

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