The 2014 UE Duals: Monroe Woodbury and Minisink Valley Hoping For A Rematch


S9sitelogoCould We See MW vs. MV In The Semifinals???

The UE Duals has become the unofficial NYS dual meet championship tournament.  For the past several years, Monroe Woodbury and Minisink Valley have become fixtures at the invite only tournament hosted by Union Endicott HS in the Binghamton area.  This year, however, things are different.  This year both the Warriors and Crusaders feel they have a legitimate shot at winning it all….and to make things even more exciting, the pools are set-up so that a MW vs. MV semifinal is a true possibility!       Full UE Duals Schedule

    Group A                           Group B                         Group C                         Group D
Hilton (5)                      Shenendehowa (2)       Monroe Woodbury (9)     Minisink Valley (9)
MacArthur (8)             Spencerport (5)             Brockport (5)                      North Rockland (1)
Clarence (6)                  Union Endicott (4)       Johnson City (4)                Rocky Point (11)
bye                                   bye                                  bye                                        Burnt Hills (2)

Teams will wrestle every team in their group on Saturday.  The winners of each pool will wrestle in the semifinal round on Sunday – Group A vs. Group B and Group C vs. Group D.  The winners will square off for the championship, while the semifinal losers will wrestle for 3rd/4th place.  The same procedure will take place for the teams that finish in second place in Saturday’s pool matches.  They will wrestle for places 5 through 8 on Sunday.  Third place pool finishers will compete for 9 through 12, and last place pool finishers will wrestle for 13 through 15.

Although the focus of the UE Duals will be the team results, wrestling fans will also be treated to some incredible individual match-ups this weekend.  Take a look at some of the possible matchups we could see.  I say “possible” because we need to remember that this is a dual meet tournament so matchups will be dictated by what is best for the team.

Pool A:  Schwab (Clar) vs A. Deprez (Hil) @ 160
                 Spallina (Hil) vs. Schneider (Mac) @ 170
                Cooksey (Mac) vs. Deprez (Hil) @ 138
Pool B:  Ashley (Shen) vs. Egenlauf (Spen) @ 195
Pool C:  Smoot (MW) vs. Peters (Brock) @ 126
                Williams (JC) vs. Kelly (MW) @ 220 only if Williams is bumped up
Pool D:  Raccioppi (MV) vs. Caputo (NP) @ 138
                Dutton (RP) vs. Butler (BH) @ 145
                Butler (BH) vs. Benderoth (NR) @ 145
                Dutton (RP) vs. Benderoth (NR) @ 145

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