Section 9 Division 1 Finals

Team Standings – Top 5       MOW – Gerard Daly (MV)
1. Monroe Woodbury 265.5        Best 1st Year Varsity Wrestler – Deonte Moore (MV)
2. Minisink Valley 240.5             Most Exciting Final – 126 Pounds
3. Wallkill 154.5                                             Da’mani Burns (NFA) and PJ Smoot (MW)
4. Cornwall 128
5. Port Jervis 112                          Final Brackets
team scores

1st Anthony Stramiello (PB) dec Tyler Lynch (VC) 6-4
3rd Jarred Greiner (MV) dec Marco Vespa (MW) 5-1
5th Oscar Lainez (Midd) dec Tyler Matos (Midd) 4-3

1st Vinny Vespa (MW) pin  Rob Ricci (MW) 1:54
3rd Isaiah Gutierrez Vera (Midd) dec Connor Greiner (MV)
5th Jason Butler (PJ) dec Patrick Owens (Mont) 4-2

1st Gerard Daly (MV) dec Johnny Stramiello (PB) 3-2
3rd Kevin Kelly (MW) dec Pedro Rosales (Midd) 2-1
5th Jake Smith (King) dec Tom Daly (MV) 5-2

1st Dylan Booth (PJ) dec Evan Barczak (MW) 4-2
3rd Matt Lopez (MV) dec Logan Losito (Wall) 9-3
5th Dan Romano (VC) dec Anthony Eckerson (MW) 12-4

1st Da’Mani Burns (NFA) dec PJ Smoot 9-6
3rd AJ North (PB) tech fall Sean Foschini (NFA)  
5th Tyler Mayo (MV) dec Brandon Bobe (Wash) 4-2

1st Chris Truglio (MV) dec Joe Ginley (War) 3-1
3rd Nick Sebesta (Wall) dec Hussain Hasan 6-4
5th Jamie Panuto (MW) maj dec Alex Quick (PJ) 11-3

1st Michael Raccioppi (MV) dec Brett Johnson (Corn) 5-0
3rd Brandon Crespi (Wall) dec Lance Golubinski (Gosh) 9-2
5th Shane Smith (MW) maj dec Brian Bucci (Saug) 16-6

1st Thomas Wightman (War) dec Frankie Hernandez (MV) 4-0
3rd AJ Aeberli (War) dec Brandon Lewis (MW) 
5th Dan Storer (Corn) dec Tyler Owen (Wall) 

1st Ryan Ferro (War) dec Osman Hasan (VC) 8-7
3rd Travis Murtagh (Corn) dec Alec Guevera (Wall) 4-0
5th Johnny Grandson (Midd) dec Mohamed Shadid (Wash)

1st Dan Decarlo (PJ) maj dec Nick Wentland (MV) 16-3
3rd Austin LeDuc (MV) dec Alex Munoz (Saug) 2-1
5th Mike Fekishazy (Wall) dec Nick Russo (Corn) 3-0

1st Quinn Zsido (Corn) dec Tyler Blasko (Wallkill) 2-1
3rd Bruce McLee (Wash) pin Draven Nieves (Midd)  
5th Marcello Gennaro (MW) dec Rob Schmadel (Saug) 

1st Nick McShea (MW) pin Tanner Sexton (PJ) 3:02
3rd Kyle McGuire (NFA) dec Eliot Marzano (King)
5th Bryan Beyers (Wash) dec Deonte Moore (MV) 8-2

1st Erik Jessell (Corn) dec Rob Cuomo (Saug) 6-2
3rd Jake Wood (King) pin Juan Velazquez (Midd) :36  
5th Keyon Harris Milner (Wash) maj dec Garrett Betcher (Wall) 15-3 

1st James Bethel (Saug) dec Rob Kelly (MW) 5-0
3rd Brandon Mascaro (Wall) pin Steven Fox (Corn)
5th Joe Bock (PJ) dec Nate Lake (MV) 3-2

1st Sam Weinger (Wash) dec Tyler Vervalin (MW) 5-0
3rd Isaac Serrano (NFA) dec Andre Davidson (King) 3-2 
5th John Demy (Wall) pin Kevin Santos (MV) 

One thought on “Section 9 Division 1 Finals”

  1. The Underdog
    Every local sports section highlights the best athletics. Yes, these athletes are the best and should be given the applause and honors. But how did they get there? For wrestling, is it all about where they go to school, the level of skill on the team, and what partner they have while practicing?
    The talented, high school, wrestling, athletic that never quits even when he comes from a team with no record, and a team never invited to Eastern States or Sectionals tournaments we also applaud! These wrestles stay with their school team and keeps on persevering, never quitting, even though they have no challenging partners during practice and no challenging matches during the season. It is more of a phenomenal to remain a skilled wrestler as the underdog? In conclusion, a wrestler coming from that situation and then placing 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th in sectional championship should be very proud!! We all applaud them!

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