The Bald and Fat Classic Wrestling Tournament

As part of the non-profit Pearl River Wrestling Association, we are giving back to our community by Hosting the Bald and Fat Classic Wrestling tournament in Pearl River, NY. This tournament is dedicated to help support Liam through his recovery process.

Liam Frawley has, for the past 11 years been the Athletic Director for South Orangetown Central School District.

Now, he needs our help.

Last year, Liam suffered through a traumatic brain aneurysm shortly after climbing Mount Washington with his son. He is currently facing a very long and painful rehabilitation and needs all the support he can get.

This tournament is 19+ and is geared for guys who just want to get on the mat after a long time off. Its for those who love the sport of wrestling and everything it teaches. Families and wrestlers from all around will be attending this event to watch their loved ones wrestle and have fun for a good cause. Most of all it’s a fundraiser for Liam, and is  designed specifically to be a fun and rewarding day of friendly competition for the whole community to participate in.

On behalf of the Pearl River Wrestling Association, it is my pleasure to extend an invitation to you to The Bald & Fat Classic wrestling tournament. Your friends, family, and anyone involved in your community is invited to this event. This will be a great event filled with food, friends, family, and of course… wrestling!

If you are not able to attend or participate in the tournament I would greatly appreciate if you could share Liam’s story with your community. As the athletic director, your support is invaluable and can help us raise our profile, increase our attendance, and make this a successful event.

WHERE: At Pearl River High School in Pearl River, NY
WHEN: May 13, 2017 9:30AM

To learn more about Liam Frawley and our fundraiser the Bald and Fat Classic, please visit for details, sign up information and more.

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