Meet Our Wrestlers – 2018 NYSPHSAA Division 1 Tournament Preview

99 Pounds

Justin Morales

Section 9 D1 Champion: Justin Morales
School: Middletown
Class: Sophomore
Season Record: 31-3
Justin’s Record Against the Field: 0-3
(losses to Smith, Liardi, and Camillaci)
The Field
Section 1: Matthew Schreiber (Hor. Gr.)
Section 2: Stevo Poulin (Shen)
Section 3: Nate Wade (West Genesee)
Section 4: Dante Rigal (Johnson City)
Section 5: Rocco Camillaci (Hilton)
Section 6: Colin Coughenour (N. Wheatfield)
Section 8: Chase Liardi (Massapequa)
Section 9: Justin Morales (Middletown)
Section 10: Mason Phillips (Massena)
Section 11: Thomas Diresta (Kings Park)
CHSAA: Sean Flick (St. Anthony’s)
PSAL: Shawn Muratov (James Madison)
At Large 1: Luke Smith (Hauppauge)
At Large 2: Anthony Connetta (Massapequa)
At Large 3: Nick Palso (Ballston Spa)
At Large 4: Jared Weinhaus (Sachem East)

What To Watch For….
Shenendehowa freshman Stevo Poulin dominated the competition at the Eastern States Classic and has to be considered the favorite here but Section 8 champ Liardi finished 3rd at the ESC and will definitely contend! All 3 Section 11 entries, Diresta, Weinhaus, and Smith, will contend. Smith and Diresta have split two matches against each other this year. Smith was 5th at ESC and had wins over Schreiber (S1) and Camillaci (S5). Schreiber has 2 wins over Wade who has a 30-3 record. We may want to keep an eye on Flick from St. Anthony’s who, although he has 10 losses, has not lost a match at 99 all season – all of his losses are at 106 and mostly to PA and NJ kids! Morales is strong and explosive and could open some eyes in Albany.

106 Pounds

NFA’s Greg Fischer

Section 9 D1 Champ: Greg Fischer
School: NFA
Class: Senior
Season Record: 43-6
Greg’s Record Against the Field: 1-3
(beat Robin; lost to Garcia 2X, Encarnacion)
The Field
Section 1: Ivan Garcia (Port Ch)
Section 2: Ryan Sleezer (Queensbury)
Section 3: Matt Griffin (Jamesville)
Section 4: Blake Brooks (Elmira)
Section 5: Jayden Scott (Rush-Henrietta)
Section 6: Ty Bartolomei (North Tonawanda)
Section 8: Josiah Encarnacion (Wantagh)
Section 9: Greg Fischer (Newburgh Free Academy)
Section 11: Jake Eckerle (Commack)
CHSAA: Terry Adams (Monsignor Farrell)
PSAL: Abdul Almareh (New Utrecht)
At Large 1: Dennis Robin (Arlington)
At Large 2: Jake Harry (Lancaster)
At Large 3: Kole Mulhauser (Central Square)
At Large 4: Anthony Surace (Webster Schroeder)
At Large 5: Brian Hedding (Rush Henrietta)

What To Watch For
With five returning state place winners this will be a great weight and there are several wrestlers with a chance to win, but Matt Griffin from S3 is probably our favorite here. He finished 4th in NYS last year, was the ESC champ this year and posted wins over state placer Garcia, Harry, and last year’s 99 pound state finalist Adams. He also pinned D2 state finalist Jordan Titus in the ESC finals! Jayden Scott from S5 is an 8th grader with a 29-3 record. He has not lost all year at 106 – his losses have been to Marek Bush at 113 (2-0), state champion Noto at 113 (1-0), and to Ryan Burgos at 120!  Encarnacion finished 6th in NYS last year is extremely tough and will contend here as will Eckerle from S11 and Sleezer from S2. Both Robin (4th NYS last year) and Fischer have been very competitive against several in this field and may both contend for a medal.

113 Pounds

Dylan Earl – 2017 5th NYS

Section 9 D1 Champ: Dylan Earl
School: Monroe Woodbury
Class: Senior
Season Record: 34-4
Dylan’s Record Against the Field: 3-0
(beat McGonegal, Szilagyi, & Aaroz)
The Field
Section 1: Tim Bova (Arlington)
Section 2: John DeConno (B. Hills)
Section 3: Thomas Hughes, Fulton
Section 4: Drew Witham (Corning)
Section 5: Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton)
Section 6: Parker Rozler (Lancaster)
Section 8: Xavier Pommells (Uniondale)
Section 9: Dylan Earl (Monroe Woodbury)
Section 11: Sean Carter (North Babylon)
CHSAA: Tommy Szilagyi (St. Anthony’s)
PSAL: Kai Yudelson (Brooklyn Tech)
At Large 1: Dylan Ryder (HHHW)
At Large 2: CJ McGonegal (North Rockland)
At Large 3: Aiden Aaroz (Wantagh)
At Large 4: Jordan Sartin (Saratoga)
At Large 5: Tyler Joseph (Harrison)

What to Watch For...
This weight is loaded with talent and depth! 2X NYS champion Greg Diakomihalis is ranked #10 in the nation by FloWrestling and is definitely the favorite to bring home state title #3! That said, the Hilton sophomore will be tested by several very capable wrestlers. Dylan Ryder from S11 is a state champ and a 2X state finalist however he needed a wildcard to get in because he was picked off in the S11 finals by Sean Carter from North Babylon. Parker Rozler from S6 is tough as nails as is Hughes from S3 Fulton. Section 9 champ Earl placed 5th in the state last year and could be in the hunt for a medal as should both S8 entries – Aiden Aaroz and Xavier Pommells. Section 1 wildcard McGonegal and CHSAA Szilagyi can contend here as well!  This is a very deep weight class!

120 Pounds

Vespa – 2017 4th NYS

Section 9 D1 Champ: Marco Vespa
School: Monroe Woodbury
Class: Junior
Season Record: 34-4
Marco’s Record Against the Field: 1-1
(win over Gibson; loss to Redding)
The Field
Section 1: Gavin Pasqualini (Arlington)
Section 2: Brock Delsignore (S. G. Falls)
Section 3: Logan Patterson (Ind. River)
Section 4: Devin Woodworth (H-heads)
Section 5: Ryan Burgos (Hilton)
Section 6: Aiden Rabideau (Clarence)
Section 8: Nick Tanuzzo (Manhasset)
Section 9: Marco Vespa (Monroe Woodbury)
Section 11: Anthony Sciotto (Rocky Point)
CHSAA: Jimmy Ryan (Monsignor Farrell)
PSAL: David Traub (Tottenville)
At Large 1: Zach Redding (ESM)
At Large 2: Miles Griffen (Jamesville/CBA)
At Large 3: Dan Gibson (Port Washington)
At Large 4: Austin Sergeant (Fairport)
At Large 5: Cody Anders (Brockport)

What to Watch For
120 is definitely a weight that is up for grabs but if we had to call one wrestler the favorite it would have to be Anthony Sciotto from S11.  The Rocky Point senior finished 3rd in NYS last year one spot ahead of S9 rep Marco Vespa who will definitely be in the hunt.  Second seeded Woodworth from S4 is undefeated this year and has a head to head over Paterson! Aiden Rabideau from S6 and Ryan Burgos from S5 have looked great this year and will contend as will Logan Paterson from S3 and Brock Delsignore from S2. Wildcard entries will definitely make some noise here too as Zach Redding from S11 and Myles Griffin from S3 both finished 3rd in NYS last season. Traub (PSAL) and Ryan (C) are both scrappy and could definitely pick off a higher seed if they are not ready!

126 Pounds

VC’s Romano

Section 9 D1 Champ: Matt Romano
School: Valley Central
Class: Sophomore
Season Record: 28-6
Record Against the Field: 0-1 (Mina)
The Field
Section 1: Najashi Sharpe (Mount Vernon)
Section 2: Michael Gonyea (Columbia)
Section 3: Tyler Kellison (CBA/Jamesville)
Section 4: Chase Daudelin (Corning)
Section 5: Eli Sims (Rush-Henrietta)
Section 6: Justin McDougald (Niag Wheat)
Section 8: Jared Altan (Plainedge)
Section 9: Matt Romano (Valley Central)
Section 11: Adam Busiello (Eastport-South Manor)
CHSAA: Connor Llewellyn (Chaminade)
PSAL: Matthew Mina (Brooklyn Tech)
At Large 1: Tyler Albis (JJEF)
At Large 2: Nick Sanko (Pittsford)
At Large 3: Anthony Corigliano (Clarence)
At Large 4: Nick Karamoshos (Massapequa)
At Large 5: Matt Patrizio (Commack)

What to Watch For
Adam Busiello may be the biggest favorite at any weight class in this year’s tournament.  The 3X NYS champ is currently ranked #1 in the nation (@ 120) and is the odds on favorite to add to his trophy case here in 2018. Providing the biggest challenge for Busiello will likely be Section 2 champ Gonyea as well as McDougald from Section 6 both of whom placed in this tournament last season. Kellison from S3 placed 7th at ESC and let’s also keep an eye on Sims from S5 and Alton from S8 as potential placers.

132 Pounds

3X S9 Champ Greiner

Section 9 Champ: Connor Greiner
School: Minisink Valley
Class: Senior
Season Record: 39-4
Record Against the Field
: 1-2
(beat Kramer; lost to Vines, McDougald)
The Field
Section 1: Matt Kramer (JJCR)
Section 2: Billal Zamani (Schenectady)
Section 3: Cole French (Fulton)
Section 4: Jacob Scibek (Horseheads)
Section 5: Alex Samson (Victor)
Section 6: Willie McDougald (Niagara Falls)
Section 8: Justin Vines (Wantagh)
Section 9: Connor Greiner (Minisink Valley)
Section 11: Rafael Lievano (Ward Melville)
CHSAA: Christian Hansen (St. Anthony’s)
PSAL: Zacc Romero (Brooklyn Tech)
At Large 1: Tyler Mitchell (Spencerport)
At Large 2: Chris Esposito (Northport)
At Large 3: Lee Mauras (Freeport)
At Large 4: Kyle Althern (Mepham)
At Large 5: Ryan Stern (Clarkstown North)

What to Watch For:
As a returning NYS champion, Justin Vines has to be considered the favorite here but he will definitely have to earn title number two! This weight is very strong and had several wrestlers who could win the crown on any given day! Vines was a finalist at ESC losing to Jack Davis from Wyoming Seminary but was pushed to the limit in earlier rounds by McDougald and Esposito earning 1-point victories in both bouts. Section 9 champ Greiner gave Vines all he could handle at the NYSPHSAA Duals dropping a 5-3 decision. Lievano from S11 is extremely tough and both S5 entries, Samson and Mitchell could make a run deep here!

138 Pounds

3X S9 Champ Dom Vetrano

Section 9 D1 Champ: Dom Vetrano
School: Minisink Valley
Class: Senior
Season Record: 38-3
Dom’s Record Against the Field: 1-1
(beat Jada; lost Sobotker)
The Field
Section 1: Zachery Bonner (Ossining)
Section 2: Thomas Minahan (Nisk)
Section 3: Garrett Bauer (CBA/Jamesville)
Section 4: Ben Howe (Elmira)
Section 5: Mason Wersinger (Spencerport)
Section 6: Vinny Catanzaro (Williamsville N.)
Section 8: Joseph Simons (Farmingdale)
Section 9: Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
Section 10: Wesler Rode (Massena)
Section 11: Anthony Sobotker (North Babylon)
CHSAA: Colin Realbuto (Iona Prep)
PSAL: Craig Sampson (Tottenville)
At Large 1: Chris Gomez (Pat-Med)
At Large 2: Danny Jada (Burnt Hills)
At Large 3: Ty Raines (Church-Chili)
At Large 4: Jacob DeWolf (Niagara Wheatfield)

What to Watch For
This is another weight class that is absolutely wide open!  Section 11’s Chris Gomez was the ESC champion this year and we could consider him the favorite….however, Gomez needed a wildcard to get to Albany after being defeated in the S11 finals by Sobotker. Mason Wersinger from S5 is 39-0 this season and has some very impressive wins over other state qualifiers and we cannot sleep on S9 champ Vetrano who is making his 3rd trip to Albany! S6 champ Catanzaro is 37-1 and his only loss was to a kid from Sem and his next closest match was a 4-3 win over wildcard DeWolf. CHSAA champ Realbuto only has 2 looses this season…both at ESC and both were close losses to placers.  He could definitely make a run here.

145 Pounds

2X S9 Champ Vinny Vetrano

Section 9 D1 Champion: Vinny Vetrano
School: Minisink Valley
Class: Senior
Season Record: 33-7
Record Against the Field: 0-0
The Field
Section 1: Crew Fullerton (Mam)
Section 2: Kiernan Shanahan (Shen)
Section 3: Devin Earl (West Genesee)
Section 4: Matt Kline (Corning)
Section 5: Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield)
Section 6: Warren McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield)
Section 8: Kyle Mosher (South Side)
Section 9: Vinny Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
Section 10: Logan Sharlow (Massena)
Section 11: Dan Mauriello (Hauppauge)
CHSAA: Justin Crawford (St. Anthony’s)
PSAL: Jahongir Davronov (Midwood)
At Large 1: Troy Ferris (Brockport)
At Large 2: Ryan Burbacher (Pat Med)
At Large 3: Kawan Wills (Arlington)
At Large 4: Jack Spahn (Islip)

What to Watch For
Could we see a rematch of last year’s state final with Gissendanner vs Shanahan or will we see a rematch of this year’s ESC final where Gissendanner took on Mosher.  Both matches ended with Gissandanner’s arm being raised making him the definite favorite to take home is 4th state title.  He is currently ranked 5th in the nation at 145 by FloWrestling. Mosher is a beast and can’t be taken lightly.  He has 2 losses this year – Gissendanner (#5 Flo) and Teemer (#2 Flo). Shanahan was a state finalist last year and he’s very dangerous as well. CHSAA entry Crawford could bust up this bracket too! He has only three losses on the season and they are all to very tough out of state opponents. A few others to watch here include Dan Mauriello (S11), Warren McDougald (S6), and Vinny Vetrano (S9).

152 Pounds

Serafini (l) vs Pushman (r)

Section 9 D1 Champ: Tyler Serafini
School: NFA
Class: Junior
Season Record: 44-3
Record Against the Field: 2-1
(beat Pushman 2X, lost to Connelly)

Section 9 D1 Wildcard: Joe Pushman
School: Wallkill
Class: senior
Season Record: 38-8
Record Against the Field: 0-3
(losses to Connelly and Serafini 2X)

The Field
Section 1: Matt Grippi (Fox Lane)
Section 2: Andrew Fountain (Averill Park)
Section 3: Stephen Hildenbrant (Rome Free Academy)
Section 4: Hunter Hoffmier (Newark Valley)
Section 5: Cooper Kropman (Penfield)
Section 6: Ryan Stencel (Lancaster)
Section 8: Jacori Teemer (Long Beach)
Section 9: Tyler Serafini (Newburgh Free Academy)
Section 10: Gavin Perrine (Massena)
Section 11: Corey Connolly (Rocky Point)
CHSAA: Michael Marcy (Holy Trinity)
PSAL: Abimael Luperon (Grand Street)
At Large 1: Connor Thomas (Yorktown)
At Large 2: Anthony Dushaj (Half Hollow Hills West)
At Large 3: Joe Pushman (Wallkill)
At Large 4: Adam Daghestani (Grand Island)

What to Watch For
It’s really tough to make a case for anyone at 152 other than Section 8 champ Jacori Teemer.  He is a 4X NYS champion and is currently ranked #2 in the nation by FloWrestling. Teemer will be attening Arizona State in the Fall. Teemer’s opponent in the ESC finals was Matt Grippi from S1 who he defeated 9-5. Grippi is 49-1 this season!  Cooper Kropman from S5 pushed Grippi to his limit in the ESC semis losing 2-1 and will definitely be in the mix here as will Corey Connelly from S8 and Connor Thomas from S1. Dushaj, Stencel and Serafini could all contend for a spot on the podium here. This will be a great weight to follow!

160 Pounds

Pine Bush’s Shaun Burgos

Section 9 D1 Champ: Shaun Burgos
School: Pine Bush
Class: Senior
Season Record: 32-3
Record Against the Field: 1-1
(beat Illicete, lost to Wolk)

The Field
Section 1: Aaron Wolk (Horace Greeley)
Section 2: Eoghan Sweeney (Niskayuna)
Section 3: Nicholas Noel (Fulton)
Section 4: Jesse Johnson (Horseheads)
Section 5: Christopher Barker (Fairport)
Section 6: Josh Thibeault (Niagara Wheatfield)
Section 8: JD Moore (Division)
Section 9: Shaun Burgos (Pine Bush)
Section 10: Bailey O’Leary (Massena)
Section 11: Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge)
CHSAA: Vin Ndokaj (Monsignor Farrell)
PSAL: Demitreus Henry (Grand Street)
At Large 1: Shawn Regan (East Meadow)
At Large 2: Paul Illicete (Copiague)
At Large 3: Ryan Cox (Clarkstown North)
At Large 4: Matt Majoy (Syosset)

What to Watch For
We could possibly see a repeat of the ESC finals here as Silverstein and Barker seem to be the favorites at 160 but we can’t count out Wolk from S1 who finished 3rd and only lost 5-3 to Barker. PSAL entry Henry is undefeated at 19-0 this season and we definitely can’t look past Eoghan Sweeney from S2 who placed 6th at the ESC. Section 9’s Shaun Burgos placed 7th at the ESC and is extremely dangerous and a great finisher.

170 Pounds

MV’s Ganuncio

Section 9 D1 Champ: Timmy Ganuncio
School: Minisink Valley
Class: Senior
Season Record: 37-5
Record Against the Field: 0-2
(losses to Rogers and Barnes)
The Field
Section 1: Grant Cuomo (Brewster)
Section 2: Tyler Barnes (Ballston Spa)
Section 3: Camrin Galvin (Fulton)
Section 4: Chris Eames (Horseheads)
Section 5: Jack Kumpf (Victor)
Section 6: Dan Emblidge (Grand Island)
Section 8: Matthew Rogers (Wantagh)
Section 9: Tim Ganuncio (Minisink Valley)
Section 11: David Miele-Estrella (North Babylon)
CHSAA: Dominik Thomas (St. Francis)
PSAL: Gevorg Arakelov (Maspeth)
At Large 1: Steven Bilali (Eastchester)
At Large 2: Derek Wojciechowski (Frontier)
At Large 3: Nick Blanton (John Glenn)
At Large 4: Jake Wright (CBA/Jamesville-Dewitt)
At Large 5: Dominic Palma (Sewanhaka East)

What to Watch For
This is going to be perhaps the most anticipated weight class to follow!  Tyler Barnes from S2 is the defending state champ at this weight, he’s nationally ranked at #15 by Flo and he was dominating at ESC this year so he’s the easy favorite right? Well Grant Cuomo from S1 was not at ESC this year, he’s a returning state finalist and he’s currently ranked #7 in the nation by Flo! Barnes has committed to NC State and Cuomo is heading to Princeton. There is plenty if depth at this weight as well! Some others to keep your eye on include ESC 4th place finisher David Miele-Estrella from S11, Eames from S4, and Rogers from S8.  Section 9 champ Ganuncio is very tough and could definitely contend for a medal here.

182 Pounds

S9 Champ Yanis

Section 9 D1 Champ: Joey Yanis
School: Minisink Valley
Class: Senior
Season Record: 39-2
Record Against the Field: 1-2
(beat Gray, lost to Deprez, Ferreira)
The Field
Section 1: Jake Logan (New Roch)
Section 2: Jake Cook (Ballston Spa)
Section 3: Stephen Demong (Oswego)
Section 4: Charlie Mahon (Elmira)
Section 5: Sammy DePrez (Hilton)
Section 6: Connor Kenney (Grand Island)
Section 8: James Langan (Wantagh)
Section 9: Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley)
Section 11: Liam McIntyre (Westhampton Beach)
CHSAA: Kevin Barry (Stepinac)
PSAL: Odean Gray (Grand Street)
At Large 1: Joe Franzese (John Glenn)
At Large 2: Jacob Ferreira (Horace Greeley)
At Large 3: Steven Daskavitz (Lockport)
At Large 4: Zach Finn (Harrison)
At Large 5: Dom Nassivera (Queensbury)

What to Watch For….
182 is a pretty wide open weight.  Jake Logan from S1 is a returning state placer and he’s undefeated including and ESC title making him the favorite but he will not run away with a title here.  His opponent in the ESC finals was Ferreira, also from S1, where Logan won a tight 5-4 decision. Sammy Deprez from S5 is as tough as they come as is S9 champ Joey Yanis whose only two losses this year were at ESC to Deprez and Ferreira. Franzese from S11 is a returning state place winner but he needed a wildcard this year after being picked off by Liam McIntyre in the S11 tournament.  James Langan from S8 is very tough and definitely will contend for a medal as will Mahon from S4.

195 Pounds

S9 Champ Santander

Section 9 D1 Champ: Sam Santander
School: Monroe Woodbury
Class: Junior
Season Record: 11-1
Record Against the Field: 1-0
(beat DeCapua)

NFA’s Maxx DeCapua

Section 9 Wildcard: Maxx DeCapua
School: NFA
Class: Sophomore
Season Record: 42-6
Record Against the Field: 4-1
(beat Melvin 2X, Woodmansee, Nerich;
lost to Santander)
The Field
Section 1: Johnny Santos (Fox Lane)
Section 2: Reggie Melvin (Niskayuna)
Section 3: Matej Zavacky (Fulton)
Section 4: Alex Woodmansee (Newark Valley)
Section 5: Zac Condello (Fairport)
Section 6: Cam Walter (Williamsville North)
Section 8: Jonathan Loew (Wantagh)
Section 9: Sam Santander (Monroe Woodbury)
Section 11: Nathan Bauland (Sayville)
CHSAA: Matthew Savarese (St. Anthony’s)
PSAL: Dylan Nerich (W.C. Bryant)
At Large 1: Nico Mattia (Queensbury)
At Large 2: Jhordyn Innocent (East Ramapo)
At Large 3:  Marco Musso (Massapequa)
At Large 4: Maxx DeCapua (Newburgh Free Academy)
At Large 5: Daniel Shafran (Bellmore JFK)

What to Watch For
There is no shortage of talent here however Section 8 champ Jonathan Loew has been dominating the competition all year and is definitely the favorite to bring home a state title. Loew is 48-1 with his only loss coming in sudden victory of the ESC to the 9th ranked wrestler in the nation, Austin Cooley from Wyoming Seminary. Some of the wrestlers we can expect to see challenge for spots on the medal stand include Johnny Santos from S1, Cam Walter from S6, and Nathan Bauland from S11.  Maxx DeCaua from S9 placed at ESC but needed a wildcard to get to Albany after losing to Santander in the S9 semis!

220 Pounds

S9 Champ Leonard

Section 9 D1 Champ: Will Leonard
School: Cornwall
Class: Junior
Season Record: 36-3
Record Against the Field: 1-2
(beat Smart; lost to Rabinovich, Gecaj)
The Field
Section 1: Halil Gecaj (JJCR)
Section 2: Nik Koch (Averill Park)
Section 3: Mykle Thomas (Syracuse)
Section 4: Lucas Scott (Chenango Forks)
Section 5: Nick Serce (Irondequoit)
Section 6: Joe Andreessen (Lancaster)
Section 8: Elijah Rodriguez (Long Beach)
Section 9: Will Leonard (Cornwall)
Section 10: Michael Gardner (Massena)
Section 11: Yashiya Minor (Half Hollow Hills East)
CHSAA: Maguire Horl (St. Anthony’s)
PSAL: Leo Rabinovich (Tottenville)
At Large 1: Boaz Smart (Bellmore JFK)
At Large 2: Aidan Lilly (New Rochelle)
At Large 3: Kyle Tillich (Rush-Henrietta)
At Large 4: Joe Confessore (Sachem North)

What to Watch For
220 will be a great weight to watch with no clear cut favorite to take home the state title. Halil Gecaj from S1 suffered his only loss of the season to D2 stud Benedict and is definitely one of the favorites here as is Section 8 champ Elijah Rodriguez who is having a great year and placed 3rd at ESC at 195.  Rabinovich from the PSAL has been very impressive this season going 39-1 with his only loss coming to 285 pound top dog Deonte Wilson. S9 champ Leonard placed 4th at ESC and should be in the hunt here as should Andreesen from S6 and Horl from CHSAA.

285 Pounds

S9 Champ Fenner

Section 9 D1 Champ: Andrew Fenner
School: Minisink Valley
Class: Senior
Season Record: 39-7
Record Against the Field: 2-1
(beat Stangle, Nagosky; lost to Rupert)
The Field
Section 1: John Rogers (Clark. South)
Section 2: Jake Stangle (Ballston Spa)
Section 3: Spencer Pisaneschi (Rome)
Section 4: Trentyn Rupert (New Valley)
Section 5: Ryan Cottom (Spencerport)
Section 6: Calik Kennedy (Amherst)
Section 8: Deaquan Stuart (Roosevelt)
Section 9: Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley)
Section 11: Deonte Wilson (Amityville)
CHSAA: Nicholas Greer (St. Anthony’s)
PSAL: Javan Pastoriza (Curtis)
At Large 1: Joey Slackman (Commack)
At Large 2: Tim Nagosky (Smithtown West)
At Large 3: Jaquan Johnson (Grand Island)
At Large 4: Calvin Anthony (John Jay East Fishkill)
At Large 5:  Michael Consiglio (Ketcham

What to Watch For
The heavyweights always provide us with great drama up in Albany and this year should be no exception. S11 champion Deonte Wilson was a state finalist at 285 last year and has not lost a single wrestled match this year (2 ffts at ESC). He has scored bonus points in every match except one!  Wilson’s sole regular decision was in the S11 finals to wildcard entry Joey Slackman who was an ESC finalist. Finishing right behind Slackman in 3rd place at ESC was S4 champ Rupert who will definitely be in the hunt here as will fellow ESC placer Andrew Fenner from S9.  There is a lot of talent at 285 and plenty of potential madalists including Stuart from S8, Greer from CHSAA, Cottom from S5, and Nagosky from S11.

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  1. Curious as to why you didnt even mention Woodworth at 120. Seeded #2 and undefeated on the year. Beat Patterson 9-3 in the finals at Windsor. Again just curious

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