2018 NYSPHSAA State Qualifier Results

Section 1:   D1    D2       Section 7:            D2
Section 2:   D1    D2       Section 8:   D1    D2
Section 3:   D1    D2       Section 9:   D1    D2
Section 4:   D1    D2       Section 10: D1    D2
Section 5:   D1    D2       Section 11: D1    D2
Section 6:   D1    D2       PSAL:          D1    D2
CHSAA:       D1

10 thoughts on “2018 NYSPHSAA State Qualifier Results”

    1. The wildcards are selected by a formula. Wrestlers can earn wildcard points in couple of different ways but it’s mostly based on the current year win/loss difference and previous years sectional tournament placings. The system is completely mathematical and there is no human input/judgement/discretion involved in the process whatsoever.

  1. Will you post a team photo from D1 and D2 this year please. and thank you for all that you do. looking forward to the D2 preview as well

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