Day 1 – NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships

Let’s take a look at at the match-ups and results for all of our Section 9 wrestlers! Good luck boys….make it happen!!!

Division 1 & 2 Brackets

Live Brackets on Trackwrestling

Wrestleback Round 2

99D2: Murphy (S8) dec 3-1 Walsh (Rondout Valley)
106D1: Fischer (NFA) tech 16-1 Almareh (PSAL)
113D2: Tigue (Port Jervis) maj 10-1 Searles (S10)
120D1: Vespa (MW) dec 3-1 Traub (PSAL)
120D2: Powers (S3) dec 5-2 Palanca (New Paltz)
126D1: Sims (5) dec 7-3 Romano (VC)
132D1: Greiner (Minisink Valley) maj 9-1 Althenn (S8)
138D2: Bonner (S1) dec 6-1 D. Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
145D1: V. Vetrano (Minsink Valley) dec 4-2 Wills (S1)
145D2: Houck (Rondout Valley) maj 14-4 Riorden (S6)
152D1: Marcy (C) dec 7-5 sv Serafini (NFA)
152D1: Stencel (S6) maj 10-2 Pushman (Wallkill)
160D1: Wolk (S1) dec 9-3 Burgos (Pine Bush)
170D1: Eames (S4) dec 3-2 utb Ganuncio (Minisink Valley)
182D1: Yanis (Minisink Valley) dec 11-4 Demong (S3)
182D2: Butler (Port Jervis) dec 3-1 Sabella (S11)
195D1: DeCapua (NFA) dec 6-3 Woodmansee (S4)
195D2: Degroff (S5) dec 9-4 Hobson (Red Hook)
220D1: Leonard (Cornwall)  dec 6-4 Smart (S8)
285D2: Dietrich (Red Hook) wbf 1:54 Wood (S4)

Wrestleback Round 1

99D1: Flick (C) wbf 4:59 Morales (Middletown)
106D2: Roes (S3) dec 9-2 Morris (Red Hook)
126D2: Campo (S11) dec 8-1 N. Ross (Onteora)
132D2: Costa (S8) dec 9-2 Sauschuck (Port Jervis)
138D2: Ala (PSAL) dec 7-5 Malherio (Highland)
152D1: Pushman (Wallkill) dec 7-3 Perrine (S10)
152D2: Brown (S6) dec 6-4 Harrison (Port Jervis)
160D2: Schiafo (Red Hook) dec 3-2 Tambini (S10)
160D2: Cooper (S2) dec 9-4 Schiafo (Red Hook)
170D1: Ganuncio (Minisink Valley) maj 8-0 Blanton (S11)
195D1: Melvin (S2) dec 10-3 Santander (MW)
195D1: DeCapua (NFA) wbf 2:58 Nerich (PSAL)
195D2: Hobson (Red Hook) wbf 4:06 Murphy (S1)
220D2: Dunham (S4) wbf 1:58 Dixon (New Paltz)
285D1: Greer (C) dec 3-2 utb Fenner (Minisink Valley)
285D2: Dietrich (Red Hook) wbf :48 Barber (S5)



99D2: Schubert (S5) dec 6-0 Walsh (Rondout Valley)
106D1: Adams (C) maj dec 11-3 Fischer (NFA)
113D1: Earl (MW) maj dec 10-2 McGonegal (S1)
113D2: Garland (S3) dec 6-0 Tigue (Port Jervis)
120D1: Woodworth (S4) dec 1-0 Vespa (MW)
120D2: Svingala (S2) maj 11-2 Palanca (New Paltz)
126D1: McDougald (S6) dec 4-2 Romano (VC)
132D1: Mauras (S8) maj dec 15-5 Greiner (Minisink)
138D1: Sobotker (S11) dec 5-4D. Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
145D1: Shanahan (S2) dec 12-5 V. Vetrano (Minsink Valley)
145D2: Bokina (S11) dec 2:32 Houck (Rondout Valley) vs
152D1: Teemer (S8) wbf :34 Serafini (NFA)
160D1: Moore (S8) dec 6-5 Burgos (Pine Bush)
170D2: Ross (Onteora) maj 9-0 Ingraham (S3)
182D1: Logan (S1) maj 15-6 Yanis (Minisink Valley)
182D2: Hoose (S6) dec 4-0 Butler (Port Jervis)
220D1: Horl (C) dec 4-3 Leonard (Cornwall)

Round of 16

99D1: Conetta (S8) dec 9-7 Morales (Middletown)
99D2: Walsh (Rondout Valley) wbf :50 Sparacio (S11)

106D1: Fischer (NFA) dec 3-2 Harry (S6)
106D2: Baer (S10) maj 14-1 Morris (Red Hook)

113D1: Earl (MW) dec 6-1 Bova (S1)
113D1: Tigue (Port Jervis) maj 9-1 Alshawi (S6)

120D1: Vespa (MW) dec 3-2 Delsignore (S2)
120D2: Palanca (New Paltz) dec 4-3 McIntosh (S10)

126D1: Romano (Valley Central) dec 11-5 Sharpe (S1)
126D2: Braddell (S6) tech 17-1 N. Ross (Onteora)

132D1: Greiner (Minisink Valley) tech 17-2 French (S3)
132D2: Sams (S1) tech 18-3 Sauschuck (Port Jervis)

138D1: D. Vetrano (Minisink Valley) wbf 2:56 Dewolf (S6)
138D2: Zariff (S11) dec 5-2 Malherio (Highland)

145D1: V. Vetrano (Minisink Valley) dec 11-9 sv Spahn (S11)
145D2: Houck (Rondout Valley) dec 7-5 Evangelista (S11)

152D1: Serafini (NFA) wbf 5:58 Hoffmier (S4)
152D1: Thomas (S1) dec 6-2 Pushman (Wallkill)
152D2: Sheppard (S10) dec 9-3 Harrison (Port Jervis)

160D1: Burgos (Pine Bush) dec 12-6 Johnson (S4)
160D2: Palaszewski (S2) dec 8-5 Schiafo (Red Hook)

170D1: Cuomo (S1) maj 12-2 Ganuncio (Minisink Valley)
170D2: D. Ross (Onteora) wbf :42 Boyd (I)

182D1: Yanis (Minisink Valley) dec 7-6 Gray (PSAL)
182D2: Butler (Port Jervis) dec 2-0 Damboise (S5)

195D1: Safran (8) wbf 3:51 Santander (MW)
195D1: Innocent (S1) dec 7-2 DeCapua (NFA)
195D2: Knapp (S4) wbf 1:18 Hobson (Red Hook)

220D1: Leonard (Cornwall) dec 4-0 Lily (S1)
220D2: Rice (S4) wbf :32 Dixon (New Paltz)

285D1: Rupert (S4) dec 1-0 Fenner (Minisink Valley)
285D2: Parker (D6) dec 8-4 Dietrich (Red Hook)


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