Day 2 From the NYSPHSAA Championships

Saturday morning is always the most exciting round of the tournament! In the center mats we will have the semifinals…on the outer mats we will see the “blood rounds” … for those new to the sport, the blood round is the round where the winners are guaranteed a spot on the podium – the losing is eliminated! Let’s take a look at the Section 9 wrestlers still alive at the 2019 NYSPHSAA Championships!

Section 9 Medal Matches
113 D1: Chenier (King) 7th/8th
113 D2: Willard (S4) dec 9-6 Morris…Matt takes 6th
120 D1: Rivera (S1) dec 6-5 Vespa… Marco takes 6th
132 D2: Malherio (High) dec 5-3 Stewart (S5) Matt takes 5th
138 D2: Ross (Ont) wbf 3:16 Gardner (S6) ..Nick takes 3rd
145 D1: Ketchum (S11) dec 9-3 Askey .. Tommy takes 4th
152 D1: Raines (S5) dec 3-1 McGinty (MW) … Joe takes 4th
152 D2: Campo (S11) wbf – sv Ross (Ont) …Nate takes 6th
220 D1: DeCapua (NFA) inj :50 Stewart (S8)…Maxx takes 3rd
220 D2: Oosterom (PJ) wbf :34 Sykora (S5)…James takes 5th
285 D1: Fenner (MV) dec 2-1 Castillo (S11)…Adam takes 5th

Consie Semis
113 D2: Delia (S11) dec 4-2 Morris (RH)
120 D1: Scott (S5) dec 5-1 Vespa (MW)
132 D2: DeNatale (S8) dec 2-1 Malherio (High)
138 D2: Ross (Ont) dec 8-7 Peryea (S7)
145 D1: Askey (PB) dec 8-4 Mauras (S8)
152 D1: McGinty (MW) dec 8-2 Gibbons (S8)
152 D2: Putney (S6) dec 7-0 Ross (Ont)
220 D1: DeCapua (NFA) dec 3-1 Finn (S1)
220 D2: Osmono (S8) dec 7-1 Oosterom (PJ)
285 D1: Crane (S5) dec 5-4 Fenner (MV)

106 D1: Ryder (MV) dec 5-2 Liardi (S8)
132 D2: Malherio (High) vs Perlleshi (S1)
152 D1: McGinty (MW) vs McDougald (S6)
220 D1: Leonard (Corn) dec 2-1 Stuart (S8)
220 D2: Carmenatty (S5) dec 13-6 Oosterom (PJ)

Blood Round
113 D1: Rigal (S4) dec 4-0 Chenier (King)
113 D2: Morris (RH) dec 7-1 Merwin (S4)
120 D1: Vespa (MW) wbf 1:37 Kolhauser (S3)
126 D2: Marchand (S8) dec 7-6 Tigue (PJ)
138 D2 Nick Ross (Ont) wbf 1:35 Murphy (S5)
145 D1: Askey (PB) dec 3-1 Delsignore (S2)
145 D2: Kramer (S6) maj 11-1 Curreri (E/L/SW)
152 D2: Nate Ross (Ont) dec 6-0 Carman (S8)
220 D1: DeCapua (NFA) dec 6-4 Mabucaglo (P)
285 D1: Fenner (MV) dec 6-2 2OT Stangle (S2)

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