Section 9 Wrestling Individual Rankings – 1/1/2023

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Valley Central’s Luke Satriano majors nationally ranked Raekwon Shabazz from Xavier, CT on his way to the Mid-Hudson Tournament title at 110!

What better way to start 2023 with a fresh set of individual rankings! Our wrestlers have received their 2-pound growth allowance and the holiday tournaments, namely the Mid-Hudson, have provided some clarity on some of these rankings. The next few weeks, including the Section 9 Duals and the Eastern States Classic, will provide even more! This set of rankings separates Division 1 and Division 2 wrestlers and excludes all wrestlers who are sidelined with injuries. Please feel free to contact me directly with any comments or questions at

102 Pounds – Division 1
1. Cooper Merli (Newburgh Free Academy) – freshman
2. William Soto (Newburgh Free Academy) – 8th grade
3. EJ Vass (Valley Central) – 7th grade
4. Marco Futia (Wallkill) – freshman
5. Elijah Brown (Monroe Woodbury) – 7th grade

102 Pounds – Division 2
1. Charlie Wylie (Port Jervis) – freshman
2. Santiago Chrisjohn (Saugerties) – 8th grade

On the D1 side Merli keeps the #1 position with a very impressive championship performance at the Mid-Hudson. Finishing 3rd at the Mid-Hudson was Merli’s teammate Soto while Valley Central 7th grader Vass placed 5th. Vass had a 13-4 major over Futia at the Mid-Hudson. Brown had a solid 4th place finish at Massapequa. Other D1 102 pounders to watch are Sullivan from MW, Simpson from MV, and Judd from Warwick. On the D2 side Wylie is the clear favorite. She is currently undefeated and could definitely place high at the D2 state tournament in Albany. Saugerties 8th grader Chrisjohn is having a great year and is going to make some noise in February. Let’s also keep an eye on Marlboro’s Lorenzo Caserto.

110 Pounds – Division 1
1. Luke Satriano (Valley Central) – sophomore
2. Brady Judd (Warwick) – sophomore
3. Gianni Gennaro (Washingtonville) – 8th grade
4. Jordan Busby (Newburgh Free Academy) – sophomore
5. Liam McCarthy (Wallkill) – sophomore

110 Pounds – Division 2
1. Gavin Ingrassia (Saugerties) – senior
2. Richard O’Lena (Port Jervis) – junior

Luke Satriano was a buzz saw at the Mid-Hudson! He won the title with a dominating 18-4 performance over a Raekwon Shabazz from Xavier, CT. How impressive of a performance was that??? A week prior to the Mid-Hudson, Shabazz majored 2022 NYS champion Dunia Sibomana at the Beast of the East! Judd and Gennaro were idle. Busby drops to 110 for the Mid-Hudson and takes 5th while McCarthy wrestled tough but didn’t advance to Day 2 there. A few others to watch here are Keaton Venarchick from Cornwall and Logan Shultis from Kingston. In D2 Saugerties senior Gavin Ingrassia has looked great and has a first period win by pin over our #2 wrestler here, Richard O’Lena from Port Jervis.

118 Pounds – Division 1
1. Rocco Futia (Wallkill) – senior
2. Marco Piazza (Monroe Woodbury) – senior
3. Wyatt Boice (Minisink Valley) – 8th grade
4. Marco Giumarra (Cornwall) – senior
5. Cooper Grossi (Wallkill) – senior

118 Pounds – Division 2
1. Ewan Celestine (Red Hook) – sophomore
2. Savannah Tittelback (Saugerties) – sophomore

Futia drops to 118 and makes a statement with a Mid-Hudson title capped off by a first period pin in the finals! Piazza was idle. Boice looked great in winning the title in Kittatinny! Giumarra looked very good at the Mid-Hudson placing 5th including a win over our top D2 118 pounder, Ewan Celestine from Red Hook. Savannah Tittelback from Saugerties is tough! She will definitely be in the D2 hunt along with Port Jervis junior Alyssa Reed who is having a great year!

126 Pounds – Division 1
1. Nick Weeden (Valley Central) – senior
2. Matt Mercado (Newburgh Free Academy) – sophomore
3. JoJo Uhrig (Minisink Valley) – 8th grade
4. Maxim Javorsky (Monroe Woodbury) – senior
5. Liam Hayes (Monroe Woodbury) – freshman

126 Pounds – Division 2
1. Rian Kirker (Red Hook) – senior
2. Bradley Gatto (Highland) – sophomore

The 126-pound weight class is without question the most interesting weight class in Section 9 Division 1. Weeden was idle. Mercado was very impressive taking 3rd at the Mid-Hudson with a win over D2 favorite Kirker. Uhrig placed 2nd at Kittatinny while Javorsky won Massapequa and Hayes took 3rd at the same tournament! Some of the honorable mentions here are legit S9 title contenders! Racz from MV only lost to Weeden 5-4 in a dual. Rourke from Cornwall only lost 2-0 to Uhrig. Erik Martin Jr. from Middletown enters the conversation with his title up at Cooperstown including a win over Perales from Goshen who is having a great year! Let’s not forget about Banda from Wallkill who made it to Day 2 at the Mid-Hudson. The D2 side is led by the aforementioned Kirker who placed 5th at the Mid-Hudson followed by Gatto from Highland, but we can’t overlook Harrison from Port Jervis!

132 Pounds – Division 1
1. Anthony Tresch (Minisink Valley) – sophomore
2. Griffin Petzold (Warwick) – sophomore
3. Logan Pennell (Pine Bush) – sophomore
4. Jacob Roger (Middletown) – junior
5. DJ Aviles (Middletown) – freshman

132 Pound – Division 2
1. Anthony Denier (Saugerties) – senior
2. Thomas Shields (Onteora) – junior

Quite a few changes at 132 D1! Tresch places 2nd at Kittatinny with his only loss coming to nationally ranked Stanick from Roxbury, NJ and he is our top guy here. Petzold was idle but is having a really good year so he’s #2. Logan Pennell from Pine Bush has been flying under the radar a little but he’s having a really good year and is at #3 followed by Middletown teammates Roger and Aviles who both placed at Cooperstown. Goshen’s Michael Lombardi is having a solid season and should definitely not be overlooked. On the Division 2 side our #1 for this week is Anthony Denier from Saugerties. Denier is undefeated against small school opponents thus far this season and was narrowly defeated by Petzold by the score of 8-6. Shields from Onteora is having a solid season as is Cranna from Red Hook who made it to Day 2 of the Mid-Hudson.

138 Pounds – Division 1
1. Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury) – senior
2. Alex Greco (Warwick) – senior
3. Zak McKernan (Minisink Valley) – senior
4. Jayden Norris (Middletown) – senior
5. Jude Betancourt (Beacon) – sophomore

138 Pounds – Division 2
1. Demetrius Massey (Red Hook) – senior
2. Vance Dyke (Saugerties) – senior

This weight class will be fun to watch! JB is the definite favorite to win on the D1 side but he’s going to be tested by two other decorated wrestlers who will be looking to punch their ticket to Albany. Alex Greco is a 2X S9 champ and has placed in the state tournament. McKernan was a state qualifier last year and won two matches up in Albany. Norris from Middletown is having a great year and placed 2nd in Cooperstown while Betancourt was idle but is very solid at #5. We should also keep an eye on Caoili from Cornwall who made it to Day 2 of the Mid-Hudson. Demetrius Massey looked great at the Mid-Hudson and ended up placing 5th at the tournament. Vance Dyke from Saugerties should not be overlooked. He’s having a very solid season including a nice win over Betancourt earlier in the season.

145 Pounds – Division 1
1. Luke Greiner (Minisink Valley) – junior
2. Jackson Brady (Goshen) – senior
3. Kevin Segali (Newburgh Free Academy) – senior
4. Zack Filip (Minisink Valley) – freshman
5. Michael Rosenblum (Monroe Woodbury) – senior

145 Pounds – Division 2
1. Justin Coiteux (New Paltz) – junior
2. Reece Greathouse (Marlboro) – junior

Minisink Valley junior Luke Greiner is the definite favorite to win his 2nd Section 9 D1 title at 145 pounds! Greiner is having an awesome year and just dominated the competition on his way to the championship at the Kittatinny Tournament. Brady came in 3rd in Cooperstown with his only loss coming to a very tough kid while Segali drops to 145 for the Mid-Hudson and makes a nice run all the way to the finals. Greiner’s teammate Filip placed 3rd in Kittatinny at 152 and he’s having a very solid year including a win over our D2 #2 Greathouse from Marlboro. Rosenblum placed 2nd at Massapequa and breaks into the rankings at #5 but we can’t overlook his teammate Marcus Charlot or Wallkill’s Matt Rizzo who will both be in the hunt. In D2 Coiteux from New Paltz was a finalist at the O’Connell and is having another great season however he will definitely be pushed by Greathouse. Isaiah Hockx from Saugerties, Blakely from Onteora, Jones from Highland, and Melitski from Red Hook will all be in the mix in February!

152 Pounds – Division 1
1. Brandon Carcaterra (Monroe Woodbury) – junior
2. Liam Holmes (Minisink Valley) – junior
3. Ibrahim Aljamal (Washingtonville) – senior
4. Michael Accardo (Warwick) – junior
5. Patrick Cosgrove (Cornwall) – junior

152 Pounds – Division 2
1. Cole Cuppett (New Paltz) – senior
2. Michael Franco (Chester) – junior

With PJ Duke on the shelf, 152 becomes a wide-open weight class in Section 9 Division 1! Carcaterra is having a very good year and has a pin over Holmes from MV. Aljamal just keeps on winning and can definitely be there at the end and we should not forget about Accardo and Cosgrove who are both game. Another wrestler to watch here is Thomas from Wallkill – this will be great to watch in February! The D2 side has Cuppett from New Paltz sitting on top with an undefeated Michael Franco from Chester at #2, but we also have to watch out for Saugerties junior Jackson Bucci who is dangerous!

160 Pounds – Division 1
1. Tyler Reed (Cornwall) – senior
2. Quinten Morgan (Minisink Valley) – junior
3. Marco Martini (Wallkill) – senior
4. Isaiah Grant (Monroe Woodbury) – junior
5. Hunter Hecht (Newburgh Free Academy) – senior

160 Pounds – Division 2
1. Christian Hockx (Saugerties) – senior
2. Frankie Shaw (Burke) – junior

One of the stories to follow this year in Section 9 is the “level jump” by Tyler Reed. Although the Cornwall senior was a S9 finalist and state qualifier last year who went 2-2 in Albany, he basically flew under the radar. This year is a different story! Reed just cruised through a tough bracket at the Mid-Hudson and has many people thinking he could wind up on the top few steps of the medal stand in Albany! MV’s Morgan looked great at Kittatinny and finished 3rd while Martini, Grant, and Hecht are all definitely in the mix! Others to watch in D1 are Dan Weeden from Goshen who just placed 2nd at Cooperstown and Jai Barnett from Wallkill. In Division 2, Hockx is our #1 and is the favorite but Burke’s Frankie Shaw is still undefeated and has a win over Barnett from Wallkill! If it happens, Hockx versus Shaw could be a great match!

172 Pounds – Division 1
1. Andrew Filip (Minisink Valley) – senior
2. Nick Cavallo (Cornwall) – senior
3. Joe Ponesse (Newburgh Free Academy) – senior
4. Logan Serafin (Washingtonville) – senior
5. Michael Loundsbury (Minisink Valley) – senior

172 Pounds – Division 2
1. Marcus Colon (Chester) – senior
2. Nathan Towne (Ellenville) – senior

Minisink Valley’s Andrew Filip continues to have an awesome year! His only two losses this season were at Ironman, and he just won the title at Kittatinny with a tough win over a NJ state qualifier. Cavallo from Cornwall placed 2nd at the Mid-Hudson and had another head-to-head win over our #3, Ponesse from NFA. Serafin has yet to lose and sits at #4 while MV’s Loundsbury, who placed 2nd at Kittatinny at 190, is our #5 here. A few other to watch at 172 D1 are Annacone from Wallkill, Hansen from MW, and Lamparillo from Goshen. In D2 our #1 wrestler this week is Marcus Colon from Chester. Colon is 7-0 this year with all bonus point victories. Nathan Towne from Ellenville is our #2 but James Burns from Saugerties might be as good as anyone in D2 at this weight!

189 Pounds – Division 1
1. Braydon Pennell (Pine Bush) – senior
2. Bryson Tibbs (Middletown) – junior
3. Nick York (Kingston) – senior
4. Chris Leggett (Newburgh Free Academy) – sophomore
5. Liam Scott (Cornwall) – senior

189 Pounds – Division 2
1. Matthew Krauza (Our Lady of Lourdes) – senior
2. Maddox McCormick (Port Jervis) – sophomore

With Ryder still out with an injury, 189 D1 becomes a very interesting weight class! Pennell from Pine Bush was a state qualifier last year and his only loss this year has been to Filip so we have him at #1 but right there with him is fellow 2022 state qualifier Tibbs from Middletown who is undefeated this year and just dominated the field in Cooperstown! Nick York has only wrestled once but it was a win by fall over Leggett from NFA who just placed 3rd at the Mid-Hudson. Leggett notched a nice win at the Mid-Hudson over Scott from Cornwall who sits at #5 right now but he has Shammgod from Monroe Woodbury nipping at his heels! Kubik from Goshen is also putting together a nice season at 189. On the D2 side, Matthew Krauza from Our Lady of Lourdes is our #1 wrestler for this week! Krauza had an outstanding Mid-Hudson where he made it all the way to the finals and notched head-to-head wins over both Leggett and Scott! Krauza also has a win over PJ sophomore McCormick who is our #2 here but we can’t forget about Williams from Chester who is dangerous!

215 Pounds – Division 1
1. Ethan Gallo (Minisink Valley) – senior
2. Gavin Furst (Cornwall) – senior
3. Jayden Calloway (Beacon) – junior
4. Dante Joseph (Goshen) – senior
5. Fernand Vera (Middletown) – senior

215 Pounds – Division 2
1. Matthew Oosterom (Port Jervis) – junior
2. Charles Batista (Our Lady of Lourdes) – senior

Returning state champion Ethan Gallo is currently ranked #11 in the nation by FloWrestling and he’s our clear #1 here. Gallo’s only losses were at Ironman where he placed 5th and he just mowed through the competition at Kittatinny. Furst is having a nice season and just made it all the way to the finals at the Mid-Hudson so he’s our #2 but Calloway from Beacon is still undefeated and will contend here. Joseph from Goshen and Fernand from Middletown enter our rankings based on their solid performances at Cooperstown where they placed 3rd and 5th respectively. Oosterom is a returning state placer and has his sights set on a higher step on the medal stand in Albany. Oosterom also has a win this season over our #2 Batista from OLL who was also a state qualifier last year. Daniel Fratz from Highland, Lent from Saugerties, and Rekuc from Ellenville are all having nice season and will compete here!

285 Pounds – Division 1
1. Stephan Monchery (Middletown) – junior
2. Rahmiere Bradley (Middletown) – junior
3. Aiden DeEntremont (Goshen) – senior
4. Aiden Gove (Minisink Valley) – senior
5. Jesse Corces (Monticello) – senior

285 Pounds – Division 2
1. Logan Ormond (New Paltz) – senior
2. Luke Daniels (Red Hook) – senior

Monchery, Bradley and DeEntremont were all up at the Cooperstown Invitational. With first period pins over the other two, Monchery left no doubt about who is the top dog in Section 9 D1! Bradley and DeEntremont are still having great seasons and remain #2 and #3 but s is Gove from Minisink Valley who just placed 3rd at Kittatinny. Jesse Corces from Monticello enters the rankings this week at #5 and he is someone who should definitely watch as well as Michael Varian from Beacon and Gabriel Dayton from Cornwall. On the D2 side, Logan Ormond made it all the way to the finals at the O’Connell before dropping a tough 5-2 decision to Gabe Garibaldi who is one of the best heavyweights in D1! Daniels looked great at the Mid-Hudson and took home 4th place followed by his teammate Mark Paschal who placed 5th and is definitely one to watch here. Zane Grant from Saugerties is having a very good season and could make some noise at 285 D2 this February!

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