Section 9 Individual Rankings – January 19, 2024

We are halfway through January and many (but not all) of our wrestlers have reached their end of year weights! The Eastern States Classic and the Section 9 Duals have caused several big changes from our last edition of rankings! Enjoy!

101 Pounds – Division 1
1. William Soto (NFA, 9)
2. EJ Vass (Valley Central, 8)
3. Kelly Sullivan (Monroe Woodbury, 8)
4. Gigi Sullivan (Monroe Woodbury, 7)
5. Anthony Noboa (Middletown, 9)

101 Pounds – Division 2
1. Charlie Wylie (Port Jervis, 10)
2. Justin Jones (Port Jervis, 7)

In a rematch of the Mid-Hudson finals, Soto of NFA wins the Eastern States Classic with a 9-2 win over Vass from Valley Central. They remain #1 and #2 but Vass did close the gap a little in their dual meet bout a few days later and only lost 7-1. All signs point towards an awesome S9 D1 final match between these two hammers! Our #2 is Kelly Sullivan from MW who has dropped three matches since our last rankings, but they were all at 108 and all three opponents are state-ranked kids. Gigi Sullivan from MW is having an awesome year and has moved up to #4 followed by our new #5 Anthony Noboa from Middletown who notched a win over previously ranked Garrett Judd from Warwick. Judd will definitely remain a contender here as will Griffyn Alfalla from Pine Bush who is putting together a very solid season. We have a new #1 in D2 at 101 because defending S9 champion and state place winner Charlie Wylie from Port Jervis competed at 101 for the Eastern States Classic. Wylie went 2-2 at the ESC and did not place but she is still the clear #1 here. Wylie’s teammate Justin Jones is #2 here and had a hard fought 5-4 win over previous #1 Matteo Walsh from Rondout Valley who definitely one to watch at this weight.

108 Pounds – Division 1
1. Cooper Merli (NFA, 10)
2. Marco Futia (Wallkill, 10)
3. Jared Lupian-Reyes (Middletown, 11)
4. Gabe Simpson (Minisink Valley, 10)
5. Logan Shultis (Kingston, 11)

108 Pounds – Division 2
1. Everett Giorgio (Red Hook, 9)
2. Carmello Massey (Red Hook, 9)

Defending state champion Cooper Merli from Newburgh Free Academy made it all the way to the finals of the ESC and is our clear #1 at 108 in D1. Our #2 here is Marco Futia from Wallkill. Futia went 3-2 and advanced to the blood round at the Eastern States. His two losses were to the 5th and 6th place finishers. Middletown’s Jared Lupian Reyes is your new #3 with his impressive win over Gabe Simpson from Minisink Valley who drops down to #4. Kingston’s Logan Shultis remains in the #5 spot!. This weight has some excellent depth with wrestlers like Owen Milmore from Washingtonville, Juan Landa Cruz from Saugerties, and Gabriel McNalley from Pine Bush all in the medal hunt. With Wylie dropping down to 101 on the Division 2, side we have a new #1 in Everett Giorgio from Red Hook. Giorgio earns the top spot via an impressive 14-8 win over his teammate Carmello Massey who remains in the #2 spot here.

116 Pounds – Division 1
1. Brady Judd (Warwick, 11)
2. Gianni Gennaro (Washingtonville, 9)
3. Santiago Chrisjohn (Saugerties, 9)
4. Jordan Busby (NFA, 11)
5. Greg Schaefer (Goshen, 10)

116 Pounds – Division 2
1. Bradley Gatto (Highland, 11)
2. Lorenzo Caserto (Marlboro, 9)

Warwick’s Brady Judd has dropped down to 116 and takes over the #1 spot here. Judd went 0-2 at ESC but that is no reflection on the year he is having – the ESC is a brutal tournament. Judd has a few wins over other ranked wrestlers here but has yet to face the wrestler who was our previous #1, Gianni Gennaro from Washingtonville who is having a great year. At #3 we have Santiago Chrisjohn from Saugerties. Chrisjohn has several quality wins this year as has our #4 here, Jordan Busby from Newburgh Free Academy. Busby’s only loss since our last ranking was a 7-0 decision to our new #1 Judd. A few others to watch here at 116 D1 are Andrew Smith from Middletown, Colin Matone from Minisink Valley and Liam McCarthy from Wallkill. We have a new #1 at 116 D2 in Bradley Gatto. The Highland junior recently won the Highland Round Robin. Dropping to the #2 spot here is Lorenzo Caserto from Marlboro who is putting together a very nice station. Andrew Roberts from Port Jervis will also be in the mix here.

124 Pounds – Division 1
1. Luke Satriano (Valley Central, 11)
2. Viktor Banda (Wallkill, 12)
3. Elijah Brown (Monroe Woodbury, 8)
4. Myles Amell (Saugerties, 10)
5. Devin Strother (Wallkill, 11)

124 Pounds – Division 2
1. Justin Harrison (Port Jervis, 11)
2. Ewen Celestine (Red Hook, 11)

Huge overhaul in our 124-pound rankings. We have a new top-2 in D1 and a new #1 in D2! Defending state champion Luke Satriano from Valley Central has dropped down to 124 and is our new #1 in Division 1. Satriano took 4th place at the Eastern States Classic in what many are calling the deepest weight class in tournament history. Also coming down to 124 is Wallkill’s Viktor Banda and he takes over our #2 ranking here. Banda is a dangerous wrestler with several quality wins this season including two pins over our #3 wrestlers here, Elijah Brown from Monroe Woodbury. Brown competed in the Kohl Tournament and won the title at 124. Our #4 at 124 D1 is Myles Amell from Saugerties. Amell also has several quality wins this year and will definitely be a contender for a birth to the state tournament in Albany. Banda’s teammate Devin Strother is having a very good season and is our #5 ranked wrestler here and we can’t overlook Justin Noboa from Middletown, Vincent Coppola from Minisink Valley, Jacob Burgos from Washingtonville, or Luke Dakin from FDR Hyde Park. On the Division 2 side we have Port Jervis junior coming down to 124 and taking over the #1 spot. Harrison earns the top spot here by beating Red Hook’s Ewen Celestine 8-6 at the Section 9 Duals D2 finals. This could be a great rematch for the D2 title where only the winner goes to Albany!

131 Pounds – Division 1
1. Matthew Mercado (NFA, 11)
2. Jacob Roger (Middletown, 12)
3. Nate Racz (Minisink Valley, 10)
4. Jacob Perales (Goshen, 12)
5. Richard Urena (Pine Bush, 12)

131 Pounds – Division 2
1. Reese Greathouse (Marlboro, 12)
2. Nick Laskowski (Rondout Valley, 12)

One of the most improved wrestlers in Section 9 over the past year is Matt Mercado from NFA and he is our new #1 at 131 pounds. Mercado only has two losses thus far this season and they were both at the Eastern States Classic where he went 2-1. His one win was a 5-4 decision over Middletown’s Jacob Roger who has dropped down from 138 and is our new #2 here. Roger had a win by fall over former #2 Nate Racz from Minisink Valley who is now our #3 here. Racz went 3-2 and looked solid at the ESC. Goshen’s Jacob Perales is our #4 here and we have a new #5 in Richard Urena from Pine Bush who is having a very solid 2023-2024 campaign. On the D2 side we still have Marlboro’s Reese Greathouse as our #1 ranked wrestler. Greathouse wrestled tough at the ESC and finished 1-2. Rondout Valley senior Nick Laskowski who went 4-1 at the Highland Round Robin has entered our rankings as #2 at 131 pounds in D2.

138 Pounds – Division 1
1. Wyatt Boice (Minisink Valley, 9)
2. Daniel Aviles (Middletown, 10)
3. Griffin Petzold (Warwick, 11)
4. Joseph Uhrig (Minisink Valley, 9)
5. Maximus Smith (Valley Central, 9)

138 Pounds – Division 2
1. Thomas Shields (Onteora, 12)
2. Markus Ferrara (Port Jervis, 9)

Division 1 at 138 pounds is another weight class with a few major changes! Based on his performance at the Eastern States Classic, Wyatt Boice is our new #1. Boice, a freshman at Minisink Valley, trades places with Warwick’s Griffin Petzold who now sits at #3 here. Boice battled very tough in every match and ended up taking 6th place in a very tough bracket at ESC where he took three losses. He lost 5-2 to the eventual runner-up, 8-6 to the 3rd place finisher, and 2-0 in his 5th/6th medal match. He was as good as any wrestler in his bracket. Petzold was also at ESC going 1-2. He’s having a great season and is definitely going to be in the mix for the Section 9 title at this weight. Our new #2 is Middletown sophomore Daniel Aviles who has dropped down from 145. Aviles wrestled well at the ESC and made it to day 2 however he was forced to medically forfeit his first match on Saturday and then notched a win over Petzold in the Section 9 Duals semis. Minisink Valley freshman Joseph Uhrig is having a very good year and sits at #4 here followed by Valley Central freshman Maximus Smith who is our #5. No changes at D2 138 with Onteora’s Thomas Shields holding on to the top spot followed by Port Jervis freshman Markus Ferrera. Rondout Valley’s Jackson Barcone could get into the mix here so we should keep an eye on him.

145 Pounds – Division 1
1. Mason Ketcham (Washingtonville, 11)
2. Anthony Tresch (Minisink Valley, 11)
3. Liam Hayes (Monroe Woodbury, 10)
4. Anastasios Tzezailidis (Warwick, 10)
5. Evan Weeden (Goshen, 10)

145 Pounds – Division 2
1. Justin Coiteux (New Paltz, 12)
2. Anthony Theodore (Port Jervis, 11)

Washingtonville junior Mason Ketcham dropped down to 145 and placed 3rd at the Eastern States Classic earning him the #1 ranking at 145 in Division 1. The wrestler he unseated at #1 is Anthony Tresch from Minisink Valley. Tresch was also at ESC and lost in the blood round however he did have a early round win over the wrestler who placed 8th and he only lost 3-0 to the eventual champion Joe Manfredi from Herricks. A showdown between Ketcham and Tresch could be a great match! This weight is not a two-dog race – our #3, Liam Hayes from MW, and #4, Anastasios Tzezailidis from Warwick, are both very game! Evan Weeden from Goshen sits at #5 and will definitely be in the mix here as will Brennan Paul from FDR Hyde Park and Michael Cantania from Valley Central. No changes on the Division 2 side with Justin Coiteux from New Paltz holding on to the #1 slot with Port Jervis junior Anthony Theodore coming in at #2.

152 Pounds – Division 1
1. Luke Greiner (Minisink Valley, 12)
2. Logan Pennell (Pine Bush, 11)
3. Jack Bucci (Saugerties, 12)
4. Michael Accardo (Warwick, 12)
5. Isaiah Grant (Monroe Woodbury, 12)

152 Pounds – Division 2
1. Quinian Jones (Highland, 11)
2. William Curreri (Port Jervis, 9)

MV senior Luke Greiner placed 4th at the ESC and remains our top ranked wrestler at 152 pounds in Division 1. Greiner lost to the wrestlers who placed 2nd and 3rd and had wins over the 6th, 7th, and 8th place finishers – that’s 5 matches against ESC place winners in two days! Pine Bush’s Logan Pennell also had a good showing at the ESC. He went 3-2 and made it to the blood round. Pennell sits at #2 here and is followed by Saugerties senior Jack Bucci. Bucci placed 4th at the Oneonta Rotary Tournament and faced some stiff competition along the way. Our new #4 at 152 is Michael Accardo from Warwick who is putting together a very solid season followed by Monroe Woodbury’s Isaiah Grant who sits at #5 here. Grant’s Crusader teammate Brandon Carcaterra will definitely be in the medal hunt at the Section 9 tournament. Highland’s Quin Jones remains our top ranked wrestler for D2 at 152 followed by our new #2 William Curreri from Port Jervis. Another Port Jervis wrestler Dylan Fox notched an 8-5 win over previous #2 Patrick Nolan from Ellenville – both will definitely be in the hunt here.

160 Pounds – Division 1
1. PJ Duke (Minisink Valley, 11)
2. Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties, 12)
3. Dan Weeden (Goshen, 12)
4. Matteo Morell (NFA, 10)
5. Musa Aljamal (Washingtonville, 12)

160 Pounds – Division 2
1. Ryan Ross (Port Jervis, 12)
2. Michael Franco (Chester, 12)

Our #1 wrestler at 160 pounds in D1 is Minisink Valley junior PJ Duke who is without question one of the top-10 pound-for-pound wrestlers in the nation. Duke, ranked #1 in the nation at 157, won the title at the ESC and did so by defeating another wrestler ranked in the top-10 in the nation at his weight, Cameron Catrabone from Section 6 Williamsville NE. We have a new #2 at this weight in Isaiah Hockx from Saugerties. Hockz recorded a 4-0 win over previous #2 Gan Weeden from Goshen. Weeden dropps to our #3 position followed by Matteo Morell from NFA who is putting together a very solid season. Our new #5 at this weight is Washingtonville’s Musa Aljamal who has dropped down from 170 pounds. Liam Dkin from FDR Hyde Park is one to watch here as well! No changes in Division 2 with Port Jervis senior Ryan Ross holding down the top spot followed by Chester’s Michael Franco. Ross had a nice showing at the ESC where he went 3-2 and made it to the blood round.

170 Pounds – Division 1
1. Quinten Morgan (Minisink Valley, 12)
2. Ethan Conrow (Pine Bush, 12)
3. Jonathan Subocz (Monroe Woodbury, 12)
4. Anthony Annacone (Wallkill, 12)
5. Tray Bilyou (FDR Hyde Parke, 12)

170 Pounds – Division 2
1. Ivan Figueroa (Port Jervis, 12)
2. Frankie Shaw (Burke, 12)

Minisink Valley senior Quinten Morgan holds on to the top spot here but this weight class is wide open. Our former #2 Annacone from Wallkill was teched by Subocz from Monroe but then Subocz was pinned by Conrow from Pine Bush. Annacone drops all the way to #4 this week however he lost a 3-2 nail biter to Morgan at the Section 9 Duals semis. Conrow moves all the way up to #2 and Subocz is our new #3. Entering the 170 pound rankings at #5 is Tray Bilyou from FDR Hyde Park who narrowly lost to Annacone at the Mid-Hudson and is having a great season. We also need to keep an eye on Avery Davis from Beacon who wrestled a tough match against Bilyou at Mid-Hudson losing 4-1. This will be a great weight class to follow at the Section 9 Tournament! Port Jervis senior Ivan Figueroa has dropped down from 190 and takes over the #1 spot at 170 in Division 2. Burke’s Frankie Shaw slides down to #2 and we should definitely keep our eyes on Chester sophomore Elvin Momanyi.

190 Pounds – Division 1
1. Bryson Tibbs (Middletown, 12)
2. Zachary Filip (Minisink Valley, 10)
3. Julani Graham (Middletown, 10)
4. Johnny Accardo (Warwick, 12)
3. Chris Herriman (FDR-Hyde Park, 12)
4. William Coughlin (NFA, 10)
5. Ryan Calfe (Valley Central, 12)

190 Pounds – Division 2
1. Maddox McCormick (Port Jervis, 11)
2. Cole Matteson (Onteora, 11)

The 190-pound D1 ranking had quite a shake-up when Middletown’s Bryson Tibbs dropped down from 215 and is our new #1 here. Tibbs earned his top ranking with a hard fought 5-3 win over previous #1 Zach Filip from Minisink Valley in the Section 9 Duals finals. Tibb’s teammate Julani Graham enters the rankings this week on the heels of an impressive 8-5 win over former #2 Johnny Accardo from Warwick at the Section 9 Duals semis. Accardo now sits at #4 here followed by FDR Hyde Park’s Chris Herriman who is our #5 this week. There are a few others who we definitely need to watch at this weight including William Coughlin from NFA and Ryan Calfe from Valley Central. With Figueroa from Port Jervis dropping down to 170, his teammate Maddox McCormick becomes the new #1 at 190 in D2. Cole Matteson from Onteora enters the rankings this week as our #2 here and is having a good season!

215 Pounds – Division 1
1. Christopher Leggett (NFA, 11)
2. Ashton Capen (Monroe Woodbury, 10)
3. Christian Lemus (Wallkill, 12)
4. Timmy Duke (Minisink Valley, 10)
5. Jayden Pressley (Minisink Valley, 10)

215 Pounds – Division 2
1. Matt Oosterom (Port Jervis, 12)
2. Logan Storey (Onteora, 12)
2. Kwadwo Osei-Kwanin (Chester, 11)

With Tibbs dropping down to 190, NFA junior Christopher Leggett takes over the #1 spot at 215 in Division 1. Leggett is having an outstanding year – 2nd at the Mid-Hudson, 4th at the Eastern States! He also has a win by fall over our 2nd ranked wrestler here, Ashton Capen from Monroe Woodbury. Capen is also having a very solid year and has a win over our new #3, Christian Lemus from Wallkill. Lemus has a win by fall over our #4, Timmy Duke from Minisink and we have a new #5 – Duke’s Minisink Valley teammate Jayden Pressley! Jacob DeJesus from Washingtonville has returned to action and can definitely find himself on the board very soon. He will be in the medal hunt at the Section 9 tournament. On the D2 side returning state place winner Matt Oosterom is the clear #1. The Port Jervis senior has his sights set on a higher step of the podium in Albany this year. Our new #2 in D2 at 215 is Logan Storey from Onteora. Storey earned the ranking by notching a pin over previous #2 Kwado Osei-Kwanin from Chester who is one to watch here.

285 Pounds – Division 1
1. Stephan Monchery (Middletown, 12)
2. Rahmiere Bradley (Middletown, 12)
3. Kevin Crowe-Bailey (Minisink Valley, 11)
4. Julian Aviles (Wallkill, 10)
5. Gregory Florin (Pine Bush, 11)

285 Pounds – Division 2
1. Mark Paschal (Red Hook, 12)
2. Nick Oosterom (Port Jervis, 9)

Middletown’s Stephan Monchery, who recently committed to wrestle at the University of Buffalo, just won the Eastern States Classic and now has his sights set on a state title this season. He is the clear #1 here. His teammate, Rahmiere Bradley, is our #2 at 285 D1 and he also has the potential to place very high in Albany this year. Bradley also placed at the ESC. Our #3 this week is Kevin Crowe-Bailey from Minisink Valley. Crowe-Bailey continues to improve and has two wins over our #4 here, Julian Aviles from Wallkill. Aviles was the 285-pound champion at the Mid-Hudson Tournament! Our new #5 this week at 285 D1 is Greg Florin from Pine Bush who is putting together a very solid season. Honorable mention Jaheel Wilson from NFA should not be overlooked and will definitely be in the medal hunt in mid-February. Red Hook’s Mark Paschal placed 5th at the Mid-Hudson and has pinned every opponent since then. He remains our #1 wrestler at 285 D2 followed by Port Jervis freshman Nick Oosterom.

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  1. Vasili Gianakis from Red Hook dropped to 138 and has looked good since. He is a contender for D2 Sectionals

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