Eldred – Senior Spotlight

Joseph Curreri
Curreri was last year’s Section 9 Division 2 champion at 120 pounds. Joey went 1-2 at at the state tournament in Albany and also had a nice showing at last year’s Eastern States Classic where he went 2-2. Eldred will not be able to compete this season leaving his career wins total at 97. Curreri was hoping to join brother Noah and Nick as Eldred’s only 100 career wins wrestlers.

Saugerties – Senior Spotlight

The Saugerties wrestling program was unfortunately not able to compete this season due to cornonavirus. The Sawyers had a solid core returning this season including 4 seniors. Let’s take a look at the Saugerties seniors!

Cody Drost
Cody was team captain last season. He sported a 22-12 record and finished 4th in Section 9 D2 last season! Cody would have definitely been one of the favorites at his weight to win a Section 9 title this season.

Jacobus Hockx
After notching only 5 and 7 wins during his freshman and sophomore seasons, Jacobus had a break-out year and went 22-12 as a junior and was primed to have a great senior season.

Aiden North
After only getting a few matches as a sophomore, Aiden took over the starting role as a junior and notched 9 wins for the Sawyers during the 2019-2020 season.

Devon Dickson
Devon recorded 8 wins as a sophomore and went 11-11 as a junior setting himself up for a great senior season.

Chester – Senior Spotlight

Chester is one of the schools which unfortunately is not able to compete at all this season. Let’s take a look at the four seniors on Coach Ehler’s rapidly improving program!

Cole Greco (189) – A varsity starter since 8th grade, Cole was a 3rd place finisher at the Section 9 tournament in 2019 and was poised to have a great senior season.

Matt Csernai (152) – A varsity wrestler since 8th grade, Matt unfortunately was not able to wrestle his junior year because he broke his arm and now is missing his senior season due to Covid-19.

Josh Schmoyer (138) – Josh began wrestling his sophomore year. He started both his sophomore and junior seasons. Josh was on pace for a tremendous season after training everyday in preparation for his senior year.

Joaquin Lizarondo (132) – Joaquin started wrestling as a junior after playing soccer and training in the Martial Arts for many years. He showed a lot of promise and certainly was on pace to have a successful senior season at Chester!

2021 Section 9 Wrestling Season

As we all know by now, the 2020 – 2021 Section 9 Wrestling season is not going to be what we had in mind. We have only 8 teams (one being a combined team) that are able to compete, and the entire season will be over in a matter of a few weeks. I could go on and on about how disappointing this is on so many levels – especially for our seniors – but I won’t. Instead I will do two things on this site. I will of course provide the coverage on our abbreviated season which is laid out below. Secondly I will put together a post, perhaps several posts, to give special recognition to every single senior in Section 9 wrestling – especially those who have had their senior season taken away from them due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay strong Section 9.

2021 Section 9 Duals – AKA Covid Duals

The entire season will be an 8-team pool tournament with two pools and a crossover dual for the placement round. The tournament will take place over 4 days with each dual meet being contested at a separate location.

Pool A
Minisink Valley, Cornwall, Goshen, Valley Central

Pool B
Warwick, Washingtonville, Port Jervis, Pine Bush/Burke

Day 1 – Saturday 2/20 @ 10:00 AM
Pool A: Minisink Valley @ Goshen
Pool A: Cornwall @ Valley Central
Pool B: Washingtonville @ Pine Bush/Burke
Pool B: Warwick @ Port Jervis

Day 2 – Tuesday 2/23 @ 7:00 PM
Pool A: Valley Central @ Minisink Valley
Pool A: Goshen @ Cornwall
Pool B: Port Jervis @ Washingtonville
Pool B: Pine Bush/Burke @ Warwick

Day 3 – Thursday 2/25 @ 7:00 PM
Pool A: Cornwall @ Minisink Valley
Pool A: Valley Central @ Goshen
Pool B: Washingtonville @ Warwick
Pool B: Pine Bush/Burke @ Port Jervis

Day 4 – Medal Rounds 2/27 @ 10:00 AM
1st Place: 1st Pool A vs 1st Pool B
3rd Place: 2nd Pool A vs 2nd Pool B
5th Place: 3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B
7th Place: 4th Pool A vs 4th Pool B

Red Hook has been given permission to wrestle however they cannot compete outside of their county. Thus far they have scheduled duals against Arlington and Pawling on 2/23 and 2/25. These results will of course be posted on this website.

Team Hudson Valley at Tyrant Duals

A team of mostly Section 9 wrestlers are competing at the Tyrant Duals this weekend! Take a look at the match-by-match results!

Hudson Valley 46 Rampage Blue 25
98 Luke Wells (Rampage Blue) Forfeit
106 Mason Ketcham (HV) over Chad Benwell Jr (Rampage Blue) Dec 4-0
113 Alex Greco (HV) over Cassidy Benwell (Rampage Blue) Fall 1:24
120 Jaden Hansen (HV) over Bailey Wilman (Rampage Blue) Fall 1:08
126 Garhett Dickenson (Rampage Blue) over Matt Davis (HV) Dec 9-4
132 Jackson Merli (HV) over Braiden White (Rampage Blue) Fall 1:18
138 Drew Greco (HV) over Conner Hayden (Rampage Blue) Maj 8-0
145 David Ensminger (HV) over Connor Bellew (Rampage Blue) Dec 4-0
152 Kamrin Oneil (HV) Forfeit
160 Nathan Mallery (Rampage Blue) over Danny Downs (HV) Maj 9-0
170 Daunta Perry (Rampage Blue) over Anthony Manzi (HV) Dec 4-0
182 Max Winkler (HV) over Jason Rodriguez (Rampage Blue) Fall 4:08
195 Richard Middlemiss (Rampage Blue) Forfeit
220 Christopher Stavrou (Rampage Blue) over Connor Boyer (HV) Dec 6-5
285 Tristan Kemp (Hudson Valley) Forfeit

Hudson Valley 51 Xtreme Red 19
98 Keolonie Vega (Xtreme Red) Forfeit
106 Mason Ketcham (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
113 Ricky Gomez (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
120 Jaden Hansen (Hudson Valley) over James Williams (XR) Dec 5-0
126 Matt Davis (Hudson Valley) over Jonathan Lopez (XR) Fall 2:11
132 Andrew Wittenberg (XR) over Jackson Merli (Hudson Valley) Dec 5-0
138 Drew Greco (Hudson Valley) over Ridge Kidder (XR) Fall 3:57
145 Danny Lightfoot (XR) over David Ensminger (Hudson Valley) Dec 7-3
152 Kamrin Oneil (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
160 Steven Dalling (XR) over Danny Downs (Hudson Valley) Dec 8-2
170 Marcus Brown (XR) over Anthony Manzi (Hudson Valley) Maj 12-1
182 Double Forfeit
195 Max Winkler (Hudson Valley) over Trey March (XR) Fall 1:38
220 Connor Boyer (Hudson Valley) over Michael Boahn (XR) Fall 2:00
285 Tristan Kemp (Hudson Valley) Forfeit

Yale Street 41 Hudson Valley 22
98 Double Forfeit
106 Mason Ketcham (HV) over P Plesh (Yale Street) Maj 8-0
113 Logan Wadle (Yale Street) over Ricky Gomez (HV) Maj 12-4
120 Michael Campanero (Yale Street) over Alex Greco (HV) Dec 1-0
126 Frank DiEsso (Yale Street) over Matt Davis (HV) Dec 8-2
132 Jimmy Gluck (Yale Street) over Jackson Merli (HV) Dec 2-0
138 Connor Quinn (Yale Street) over Drew Greco (HV) Fall 2:24
145 Dan Delucent (Yale Street) over David Ensminger (HV) Maj 12-4
152 Kamrin Oneil (HV) over Eli Shepard (Yale Street) Fall 0:22
160 Blake Bahna (Yale Street) over Danny Downs (HV) Fall 3:48
170 Jack Murray (Yale Street) over Anthony Manzi (HV) Fall 0:19
182 Alex Urinack (Yale Street) over Max Winkler (HV) Fall 1:10
195 Double Forfeit
220 Connor Boyer (HV) Forfeit
285 Tristan Kemp (HV) over Aiden Lacoma (Yale Street) Fall 5:59

Hudson Valley 48 Animal Instincts 22
98 Jared Goodson (Animal Instinct) Forfeit
106 Mason Ketcham (Hudson Valley) over J. Armstrong (AI) Dec 4-1
113 Alex Greco (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
120 Logan Robinson (AI) over Jaden Hansen (Hudson Valley) Dec 5-2
126 Matt Davis (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
132 Jackson Merli (Hudson Valley) over Brandon Lee (AI) Dec 6-2
138 Aidan Rivenburg (AI) over Drew Greco (Hudson Valley) Fall 4:21
145 Alex Chirico (AI) over David Ensminger (Hudson Valley) Dec 5-1
152 Kamrin Oneil (Hudson Valley) over Gael Gonzelez (AI) Fall 1:11
160 Danny Downs (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
170 Anthony Manzi (Hudson Valley) over Chris Gilchrist (AI) Fall 2:05
182 RJ May (AI over Max Winkler (Hudson Valley) Maj 8-0
195 Double Forfeit
220 Connor Boyer (Hudson Valley) over Zach Hornsby (AI) Fall 3:46
285 Tristan Kemp (Hudson Valley) Forfeit

Hudson Valley 45 84-Athletes 22
98 Double Forfeit
106 Mason Ketcham (HV) over Parker Trahan (84 Athletes) Maj 13-2
113 Ricky Gomez (HV) over Ben Guilliam (84 Athletes) Dec 7-3
120 Alex Greco (HV) over Devin Hardy (84 Athletes) Dec 8-3
126 Matt Davis (HV) over Jackson Ratcliffe (84 Athletes) Fall 1:11
132 Hunter Locke (84 Athletes) over Jackson Merli (HV) Fall 1:01
138 Drew Greco (HV) over Cade Branham (84 Athletes) Fall 2:03
145 Keagan Judd (84 Athletes) over David Ensminger (HV) Fall 4:25
152 Kamrin Oneil (HV) over Donovan Burks (84 Athletes) TF 18-3
160 Jurius Clark (84 Athletes) over Danny Downs (HV) Maj 9-1
170 Anthony Manzi (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
182 Double Forfeit
195 Javin Hackett (84 Athletes) over Max Winkler (HV) Fall 1:15
220 Connor Boyer (Hudson Valley) Forfeit
285 Tristan Kemp (Hudson Valley) Forfeit

Hanover Hawkeye 39 Hudson Valley 33
98 Alex Donaldson (HH) Forfeit
106 Mason Ketcham (Hudson Valley) over Mateo Duarte (HH) Fall 3:42
113 Ricky Gomez (Hudson Valley) over James Haynie (HH) Dec 7-6
120 Jaden Hansen (Hudson Valley) over David Simon (HH) Dec 5-0
126 Matt Davis (Hudson Valley) over Nathan Heath (HH) Fall 0:42
132 Jackson Merli (Hudson Valley) over Tyler Bosher (HH) TF 15-0
138 William Harris (HH) over Drew Greco (Hudson Valley) Fall 2:07
145 Alex Frowert (HH) over David Ensminger (Hudson Valley) Maj 10-1
152 Kamrin Oneil (Hudson Valley) over James Dosado Jr. (HH) Maj 9-0
160 Kevin Schork (HH) over Danny Downs (Hudson Valley) TF 17-0
170 James Simon Jr. (HH) over Anthony Manzi (Hudson Valley) Dec 6-2
182 Daniel Martinez (HH) over Max Winkler (Hudson Valley) Fall 0:33
195 Jacob Epperly (HH) Forfeit
220 Aden Halsey (HH) over Connor Boyer (Hudson Valley) Dec 4-3
285 Tristan Kemp (Hudson Valley) over Brady Elswick (HH) Fall 2:44

Minisink Valley Garnering National Recognition

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily put the brakes on wrestling in NYS, perennial Section 9 power Minisink Valley is still managing to pick up national level accolades on both the individual and team levels.

MatScouts, a Rofkin based website run by national wrestling guru Willie Saylor, has released his first team rankings and Minisink Valley has landed at #21 in the nation! The Warriors, who finished last year as the top dual meet team in NYS, were poised to have another incredible season with 13 returning sectional place winners set to return for 2020-2021. One of those wrestlers is returning state champion Zack Ryder while two others, Ethan Gallo and Adam Fenner, are returning state place winners! Already excited to make another run at a Dual Meet State Championship, the summer of 2020 was a good one for the Warriors and we saw 3 bona fide studs move into the school district. PJ Duke, Eric Tigue, and Mike Altomer are now part of the Minisink Valley wrestling program! Duke became the first ever 7th grader to win a D1 state title in New York last year…Tigue is a 2X state qualifier…Altomer finished 5th in NYS last season at 195 pounds! Yes the Warriors are loaded this season and wrestling fans are hoping that the powers that be give them the opportunity to prove that they belong among the top in the nation!

Sofia Mac is ranked #3 in the nation at 122 according to FloWrestling!

The Warriors also have a few individual wrestlers who have caught the attention of the national ranking media. PJ Duke has had an absolutely incredible off-season and is considered the #1 ranked junior high wrestler in the nation by every major source including FloWrestling, InterMat, and MatScouts. The Minisink Valley 8th grader competed in the high school division of the Super 32 Challenge where he knocked off several wrestlers who are currently ranked in the top 10 in the nation! PJ made it al the way to the finals before dropping a heart-breaker to Caden Howarth who is now ranked 3rd in the nation at 113. PJ also nothchad a win this past summer over 3X NYS champion Stevo Poulin. Duke’s close friend and now teammate Zack Ryder is nationally ranked in his class by both InterMat and MatScouts! InterMat has Ryder ranked as the #3 freshman in the entire nation while MatScouts has him at #5! Ryder became the “heaviest” 8th grader in NYS history to win a state title last season when he claimed the title at 126 pounds! Let’s not forget about Sofia Macaluso!!! Sofia missed the 2020 post season due to injury however she did place 3rd in Section 9 in 2019. Macaluso is an accomplished wrestler in both folkstyle and freestyle and FloWrestling has her ranked as #3 in the nation at 122 pounds!

Congratulations to all of the Warriors especially PJ, Zack, and Sofia!!!

Weekend Results for Section 9 Wrestlers

Journeymen Classic
Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville) – 125A
Lucinski (NY) maj 9-0 Marchese
Gonzales (CA) maj 14-2 Marchese
Owen (MD) pin :57 Marchese
Marchese fft over Foy (NY)
Marchese dec 1-0 Ali (OH)

Nick Fea (Wyoming Seminary) – 145A
Fea 15-0 tech over Stampoulos (NJ)
Fea dec 2-0 Christie (PA)
Fea dec 1-0 Eck (PA)
Semis: Fea fin 4:55 Mastroianni (CT)
Finals: Fea pin 1:35 Stiles (IL)…Fea is your Journeymen Classic Champ!!!

Eric Tigue (Minisink Valley) – 160B
Tigue pin 2:00 Bost (PA)
Tigue dec 7-2 Disbrow (NJ)
Clarke (NJ) dec 9-5 Tigue
Tigue wins the pool based on criteria – quality wins!!! Congrats Eric!!!

Joe Russell (Newburgh Free Academy) – 225A
Piazza (NJ) dec 9-7 ot Russell
Vanadia (OH) pin 3:30 Russell
9-12th Place Semis: Russell dec 3-1 Horvath (NJ)
9th/10th: Russell pin 3:23 Venables…Joe takes 9th place

Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley) – 285A
Fenner dec 3-2 Betancur (RI)
Levans (PA) dec 2-0 Fenner
5-8th Semis: Boersma (IL) dec 3-1 Fenner
7th/8th: McCatharn fft over Fenner…Adam finishes 8th

Journeymen OverFlo
Brian Lombardi (Minisink Valley) – 140A
Roggie (VA) dec 3-1 sv Lombardi
Lombardi dec 1-0 Maiorini (NY)
Lombardi dec 9-8 ot Duguay (NJ)
Pacheo (RI) pin 1:46 Lombardi

Marcus Brown (Monroe Woodbury)
Brown dec 7-4 Frizzell (NJ)
Brown dec 4-3 Baker (VA)
Hawkins (CT) dec 5-1 Brown
Finck (VA) dec 3-2 Brown

Section 9 Results From Sunshine Preseason Duals
Jaden Hansen (NFA), Matt Davis (Wallkill), Jackson Merli (NFA), Ethan Palanca (New Paltz), and Anthony Manzi (NFA) competed for The Backyard Boyz WC. The team went 2-2 in Day 1 pools and the wrestled in the Silver Bracket for Day 2. The team dropped their first dual on Day 2 but wrestled all the way back to the consi final which would determine places 9/10 for the entire tournament. Unfortunately the Backyard Boyz lost a tough one 54-33 and took home 10th place honors.

Jaden Hansen (Newburgh Free Academy, 122)
Day 1 Pools
Rd1: win by fft
Rd 2: Hansen dec 7-0 over Cominsky (Eagle Empire)
Rd 3: Noble (KWA MN) pin 1:59 Hansen
Rd 4: Hansen pin 2:07 Parker (Breadwinners)
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Haase (ECE) pin 3:44 Hansen
Consi 8: Hansen pin :57 Rentas (Soldier City)
Consi Semi: Hansen dec 6-0 Herrero (Cypress Bay)
Consi Finals: Hansen dec 5-0 Dominquez

Matt Davis (Wallkill, 128)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Davis pin :29 Marrero
Rd 2: Dusendang dec 5-4 Davis
Rd 3: Bents pin 1:50
Rd 4: Davis maj 9-1 Walsh
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Davis pin 4:08 Jackson
Consi 8: Enriquez maj 9-0 Davis
Consi Semi: Davis dec 10-8 Arbodelo
Consi Finals: Davis dec 6-3 Andre Aja

Jackson Merli (Newburgh Free Academy, 134)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Merli pin 1:04 Patterson
Rd 2: Olivia pin 1:13 Maerli
Rd 3: Parent pin :37 Merli
Rd 4: Merli dec 10-6 ot Coto
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Merli dec 11-4 Baxter
Consi 8: Merli dec 11-7 George
Consi Semi: Merli maj 11-1 Melguizo
Consi Finals: Merli dec 6-3 Eric Aja

Ethan Palanca (New Paltz, 154)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Palanca tech 17-2 Freestone
Rd 2: Palanca dec 3-1 Moreno
Rd 3: Wells dec 8-1 Palanca
Rd 4: Palanca pin 2:06 Ciliento
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Palanca pin :45 Official
Consi 8: Palanca pin 2:03 Rentas
Consi Semi: Palanca dec 3-2 Rodriguez
Consi Finals: Palanca pin 3:47 Reid

Anthony Manzi (Newburgh Free Academy, 172)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Manzi dec 8-2 Crouch
Rd 2: Manzi dec 8-4 Vilchez
Rd 3: Wynia pin :58 Manzi
Rd 4: Manzi won by fft
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Manzi won by fft
Consi 8: Martinez pin 3:54 Manzi
Consi Semi: Manzi won by fft
Consi Finals: Manzi won by fft

Tulsa World of Wrestling Kickoff Classic
Cooper Merli (Newburgh) 15U Division – 77 lbs
Rd 16: Merli dec 4-1 Cole Lamberton (PA)
Quarterfinals: Jonathan Marquez (CO) dec 3-2 Merli
Consi 8 #2: Merli dec 2-1 Lazar Joyce (NJ)
Consi 4: Merli dec 2-1 Titan Frederichs (MN)
Consi Semis: Dominic Munaretto (IL) tech 17-2 Merli
5th/6th: Merli dec 6-3 Marquez (CO)…Cooper takes 5th Place!!!!

Grace Pauls, Mia Mac, Tommy Askey and Evan Barczak Set to Do Battle at UWW U23 and Junior Freestyle

Drexel redshirt junior
Evan Barczak

Section 9 has four recent grads competing in Nebraska this weekend at the 2020 UWW U23 and Junior Nationals. The event is carried live on FloWrestling if you have an account but you can also get match-by-match results right here for all four locals!

Grace Pauls, a 2020 Minisink Valley graduate is competing in both the Junior and U23 divisions at 55 kg. Her high school teammate, Mia Macaluso, is also competing in both divisions and she is registered at 57 kg. Both Pauls and Macaluso are freshmen at East Stroudsburg University where they will wrestle for another Section 9 graduate, head coach Anibal Nieves.

Mia Mac and Askey

Tommy Askey is a 2020 graduate of Pine Bush where he capped of an amazing senior year by winning the 152 pound state title this past February. Askey, who has never wrestled in a freestyle tournament, is entered in the Junior division at 70 kg! Askey is a freshman at Division 1 Appalachian State and is competing for the starting spot at 157 pounds.

Monroe Woodbury graduate Evan Barczak is an extremely accomplished freestyle wrestler and he is entered in the U23 division at 74 kg for this weekend. Barczak is a redshirt junior at Division 1 Drexel where he is expected to be the 165 starter for the Dragons this season.

Barczak and Mia Mac

Junior Women
Grace Pauls – 55kg
Rd 16 : bye
Quarters: Amaro 11-0 over Pauls
Consie 8 #2: Pauls 12-0 over Whetzal
Consie 4 #1: Nguyen-Smith 12-2 over Pauls
7th/8th: Pauls 1:18 pin over Agular….7th place for Grace…ALL AMERICAN!

Mia Macaluso – 57kg
Rd 16: Macaluso :49 pin over Mackey
Quarters: Macaluso :40 pin over Mohler
Semis: Guerin 2:44 pin over Macaluso
Consie Semis: Macaluso 1:19 pin over Ortiz
3rd/4th: Se 3:19 pin over Macaluso…4th place for Mia Mac….ALL AMERICAN!

Junior Freestyle
Tommy Askey – 70kg
Rd 64: Mosher 14-3 tech over Askey
Consi 32 #1: Askey 3:23 pin over Carr
Consi 32 #2: Valdez 11-4 over Askey

U23 Freestyle
Evan Barczak – 74kg
Rd 32: Barczak 12-1 tech Daniel
Rd 16: Barczak dec 4-0 Kosoy
Quarters: Barczak 3:48 pin over Schoenfelder…guaranteed AA
Semis: Braunagel 11-3 over Barczak
Consi Semis: Perez 12-1 over Barczak
5th/6th: Barczak 14-4 over Teemer…Evan takes 5th…All American!

U23 Women
Grace Pauls – 55kg
Rd 16: bye
Quarters: Mendoza :48 pin over Pauls
Consie 8 #2: Whitethorn 21-10 tech Pauls

Mia Macaluso – 57kg
Rd 32: bye
Rd 16: Macaluso 14-4 tech over Cervantes
Quarters: Nette dec 12-6 Macaluso
Consie 8 #2: Macaluso 14-4 tech over Pine
Consie 4: Martinez 13-10 over Macaluso
7th/8th: Macaluso 2:30 pin over Cervantes…Mia takes 7th…Double AA!!!

Underground Warrior at NHSCA Fall Duals

The Underground Warriors, a team of mostly Minisink Valley wrestlers with a few All-Star additions, is competing at the 2020 NHSCA Fall Duals! Although they will be competing against club teams and hand-picked all-star teams…the Warriors will be competing in the elite division to test their mettle! Match by results will be posted throughout the weekend! Let’s take a look at the Warrior’s roster!!

106 – Jeff Ellert – Minisink Valley
113 – Zack McKernan – Minisink Valley
120 – PJ Duke – Minisink Valley
126 – Andrew Marchese – Washingtonville
132 – Luke Greiner – Minisink Valley
138 – Brian Lombardi – Minisink Valley
145 – Nicky Fea – Wyoming Seminary
152 – Eric Tigue – Minisink Valley
160 – Luis Paulino – Monroe Woodbury
170 – Devin Doty – Minisink Valley
170 – George Racz (Minisink Valley)
182 – Mike Altomer – Minisink Valley
195 – Scott Geysen – Minisink Valley
220 – Ethan Gallo – Minisink Valley
285 – Adam Fenner – Minisink Valley

Rounds 1 – Underground Warriors 45 Ride Out 22
106 – Burke (RO) f 1:18 Ellert (UW)
113 – Kolb (RO) f 2:10 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) dec 4-2 Heckman (RO)
126 – Gramly (RO) dec 2-1 Marchese (UW)
132 – Greiner (UW) fft
138 – Lombardi (UW) dec 3-2 Torrington (RO)
145 – Fea (UW) f 1:23 Cooney (RO)
152 – Tigue (UW) dec 2-1 Cory (RO)
160 – Bonomo (RO) dec 5-3 Paulino (UW)
170 – Roeder (RO) maj 15-5 Doty (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) fft
195 – Geysen (UW) fft
220 – Gallo (UW) fft
285 – Fenner (UW) fft

Round 2 – Apex Black 52 Underground Warriors 9
106 – D. Almeyda (Apex) f :54 Ellert (UW)
113 – Wallace (Apex) maj 11-0 McKernan (UW)
120 – Vazquez (Apex) dec 9-2 Duke (UW)
126 – Henckle (Apex) f 2:27 Marchese (UW)
132 – Nardone (Apex) maj 15-2 Greiner (UW)
138 – A. Almeyda (Apex) maj 12-3 Lombardi (UW)
145 – Cetta (Apex) dec 6-1 Fea (UW)
152 – Tigue (UW) dec 6-3 Forte (Apex)
160 – Dellagatta (Apex) dec 6-1 Paulino (UW)
170 – Farinaro (Apex) f 1:54 Racz (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) inj over Schlett (Apex)
195 – Wilt (Apex) maj 16-4 Geysen (UW)
220 – Toranzo (Apex) dec 6-3 Gallo (UW)
285 – Acciardi (Apex) inj over Fenner (UW)

Round 3 – Boneyard Wrestling 50 Underground Warriors 21
106 – Marino (Bone) f 3:38 Ellert (UW)
113 – Pattillo (Bone) f 2:29 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) f 2:52 McGuire (Bone)
126 – Camden (Bone) dec 7-5 sv Marchese (UW)
132 – Grogan (Bone) f :44 Greiner (UW)
138 – Smith (Bone) f 2:22 Lombardi (UW)
145 – Fea (UW) dec 8-1 Hendershot (Bone)
152 – Tigue (UW) f 4:09 Bautista (Bone)
160 – Stallons (Bone) dec 8-5 Paulino (UW)
170 – Hull (Bone) f :19 Racz (UW)
182 – Wertz (Bone) maj 11-1 Altomer (UW)
195 – Sheeren (Bone) maj 9-0 Geysen (UW)
220 – Grange (Bone) f 4:15 Gallo (UW)
285 – Fenner (UW) fft

Day 2 – Round 1 – Underground Warriors 45 Team Thunder 19
106 – Fretwell (Thunder) f 1:04 Ellert (UW)
113 – Rold (Thunder) dec 6-2 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) dec 5-3 Hildebrandt (Thunder)
126 – Marchese (UW) dec 1-0 Horsey (Thunder)
132 – Carpenter (Thunder) dec 9-2 Greiner (UW)
138 – Lombardi (UW) dec 6-5 Lewis (Thunder)
145 – Fea (UW) f :52 Hotaling (Thunder)
152 – Tigue (UW) fft
160 – Myers (Thunder) maj 11-1 Paulino (UW)
170 – Finck (Thunder) dec 6-3 Racz (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) f :19 Riggleman (Thunder)
195 – Geysen fft
220 – Gallo fft
285 – Fenner (UW) f 1:47 Nevins (Thunder)

Day 2: Underground Warriors 59 NJ Rams 10
106 – Ellert (UW) fft
113 – Stout (Rams) dec 3-2 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) tf 20-5 Iocoves (Rams)
126 – Marchese (UW) fft
132 – Greiner (UW) f 2:27 Bennet (Rams)
138 – George (Rams) dec 7-1 Lombardi (UW)
145 – Fea (UW) f 1:23 Zegarelli (Rams)
152 – Tigue (UW) f :18 Graczyck (Rams)
160 – Paulino (UW) dec 4-2 Boyer (Ram)
170 – Romaine (Rams) maj 9-1 Racz (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) f 1:52 Addison (Rams)
195 – Geysen (UW) fft
220 – Gallo (UW) fft
285 – Fenner (UW) dec 4-2 TB2 Bonilla (Rams)

Day 2: Round 3 – Underground Warriors 54 Elite Athletic Club 16
106 – Cardinas (EAC) f 1:26 Ellert (UW)
113 – McKernan (UW) f 3:54 O’Toole (EAC)
120 – Duke (UW) dec 3-1 sv Baysinger (EAC)
126 – Marchese (UW) fft
132 – Smith (EAC) dec 5-1 Greiner (UW)
138 – Lombardi (UW) dec 4-3 Casey (EAC)
145 – Fea (UW) f :49 Meola (EAC)
152 – Tigue (UW) f 4:01 Nelvins (EAC)
160 – Schwartzbach (EAC) dec 5-2 Paulino (UW)
170 – Doty (UW) fft
182 – Altomer (UW) inj over Bell (EAC)
195 – Pacewic (EAC) maj 17-5 Geysen (UW)
220 – Gallo (UW) f 1:20 Elam (EAC)
285 – Fenner (UW) fft

S9 Wrestlers in the Middle School Division
Section 9 also had three wrestlers competing in the middle school division at the NHSCA Fall Duals! Washingtonville’s Mason Ketcham and Monroe Woodbury’s Liam Hayes both competed for Barn Brothers. Ketcham went 5-1 competing at 105 while Hayes went 2-4 at 90 pounds. Cooper Merli from Newburgh wrestled for Triumph and went 5-1 competing at 80 pounds! Great job boys!!!

Minisink’s 8th Grade Phenom PJ Duke Takes 2nd at Super 32

PJ Duke with a HUGE throw at the Super 32!!!

Congratulations to Minisink Valley’s PJ Duke for finishing 2nd in the high school division at this weekend’s Super 32 Challenge. The Super 32 is generally considered the toughest high school wrestling tournament in the nation. Duke made it all the way to the finals where he dropped a razor close 4-3 decision to Michigan sophomore Caden Horwath. Duke was attempting to become only the 3rd 8th grader in tournament history to win a coveted Super 32 belt!

PJ had to navigate his way through a brutal bracket in order to take his shot at the belt. His first match was a 5-2 win in the round of 128 over Davian Guanajuato of Arizona and he followed it up with a pin in 1:47 over Daniel Hurt of Ohio. In the round of 32 the Minisink middle schooler decked Trevon Grey of Virginia at the 3:22 mark and then notched a 14-4 major decision over Michigan’s Kaden Chinavare in the round of 16. Duke started Day 2 with a bang when he pinned Kentucky’s Spencer Moore in 3:05 in the quarters – Moore is ranked #7 in the nation at 113! In the semifinals Duke picked off another nationally ranked stud when he upended #17 Jore Volk from Minnesota 2-1 in the ultimate tie breaker. PJ looked great in the finals but just fell a little short in his 4-3 loss to Horwath who is ranked 15th in the nation.

Duke was not the only Section 9 stud who laid it on the line at the Super 32. His Minisink Valley teammate Zack Ryder finished the tournament 3-2 in a loaded 145 pound weight class. Ryder notched a :41 pin in the round of 128 over Zac Cowan from Kentucky and then recorded an 8-0 major over PA state place winner Ty Cymmerman in the round of 32. In his next bout Ryder wrestled a very smart match and came away with a 5-1 victory over Kael Voinovich in a match-up of two stud freshmen! In the round of 16 Ryder dropped a 9-4 decision to CA state finalist Henry Porter and then was eliminated when he was edged 4-2 in sudden victory to Alabama’s Jaden New.

In the middle school division Section 9 had two wrestlers entered as Newburgh resident Cooper Merli went 2-2 in the 80 pound weight class and Washingtonville’s Mason Ketcham went 3-2 at 105. Merli started the tournament with an 8-0 major over Ezekiel Keel from Virginia but was then pinned in the round of 16 at the 1:04 mark by Revin Dickman from Indiana. In the consies Merli notched a 3-2 win over Ohio’s Rocco Czanecki before being eliminated by Roman Belardo of Georgia in a 4-2 sudden victory loss. Ketcham lost his opening match 4-0 to Leo Contino from California before reeling off three straight wins. He beat Cody Salomon from VA 4-0, Bradley Williams from AL by fall in 2:36, and David Perez from RI 7-4. Ketcham’s run ended when he lost by major decision to Carson Bissey from IL 9-0.

Great job PJ, Zack, Mason, and Cooper!!!!