Barczak, Elfstrum, and Ellefsen Place at Senior Nationals!

Photo by Lisa Elfstrum

Congratulations to Evan Barczak, Kendall Elfstrum, and Ryan Ellefsen for achieving All-American status at the 2017 NHSCA High School Nationals in Virginia Beach!  All three seniors will be wrestling at the Division 1 level in the fall!  Barczak will be attending Drexel, Elfstrum is going to Princeton, and Ellefsen will be taking his skills to Clarion.

Barczak, who attends Monroe Woodbury, finished 5th at 160 pounds this weekend.  He went 6-2 at a 160 pound weight class that had 88 wrestlers in the bracket!   Elfstrum was S9’s highest place winner with his 3rd place finish at 182 pounds!  Also a Crusader. Kendall went 6-1 with his only loss was a 1-point loss in the semis to Michael Battista who finished 2nd. Elfstrum won the NYS chamionship at 195 pounds last month!  Goshen senior Ryan Ellefsen went 7-2 at 220 pounds and took 5th place.  He lost in the Round of 32 and battled all the way back to the podium!  Great job all three young men!

Fea and Fenner Take Medal Stand in Middle School Division
Also a big congratulations to Nicky Fea (Goshen) and Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley) for placing in the NHSCA Middle School Division!  Fea came in 2nd at 85 pounds dropping a very exciting 6-4 sudden victory decision in the finals to fellow New Yorker Stevo Poulin. Fenner dropped his opening round match but wrestled back tough and finished the day 4-2 and took 5th place at 230 pounds!  Great job boys!

NHSCA Nationals

27 Local Wrestlers Entered For Nationals in Virginia Beach

Best of luck to all of the Section 9 wrestlers who are competing at this weekend’s NHSCA Middle School and High School Nationals in Virginia Beach.  Match by match results for all local wrestlers below!

113 – Tyler Lynch (Minisink Valley)
Rd 32: Dabelko (CO) dec 12-9 Lynch
Consie Rd 16 #1: Lynch wbf 1:02 Lenz (WA)
Consie Rd 16 #2: Lynch wbf 3:40 Cerillo (FL)
Consie Rd 8 #1: Lynch dec 1-0 Rivera (NY)
Consie Rd 8 #2: Pacheo (CA) dec 4-0 Lynch
160 – Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury)
Rd 64: Barczak maj 11-2 Welham (CO)
Rd 32: Barczak maj 13-3 Kinsey (NC)
Rd 16: Barczak maj 12-3 Rocco (PA)
Quarterfinals: O’Reilly (MN) dec 6-5 Barczak
Consie Rd 8 #2: Barczak dec 5-1 Curreri
Consie Rd 4: Barczak dec 5-1 Discher (UT)
Consie Semis: Johnson (NC) dec 2-1 Barczak
5th Place Match: Barczak dec 6-1 Mosca (NY)
160 – Noah Curreri (Eldred)
Rd 64: Glasgow (NJ) maj 13-5 Curreri
Consie Rd 64: Curreri dec 8-3 Small (FL)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Curreri dec 6-0 Corwin (NC)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Curreri tech 17-1 Cornish (NC)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Curreri dec 3-1 Vernaza (FL)
Consie Rd 16 #2: Curreri dec 3-2 Deffenbaugh (FL)
Consie Rd 8 #1: Curreri dec 14-8 Carpenter (VA)
Consie Rd 8 #2: Barczak dec 5-1 Curreri
182 – Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury)
Rd 64: Elfstrum maj 17-7 Ashway (GA)
Rd 32: Elfstrum dec 8-7 Crislip (OH)
Rd 16: Elfstrum dec 4-1 Heywood (UT)
Quarterfinals: Elfstrum dec 6-0 Surich (NJ)
Semifinals: Battista (VA) dec 10-9 Elfstrum
Consie Semis: Elfstrum dec 7-2 Loomer (CA)
3rd Place Match: Elfstrum dec 4-3 Walton (NJ)
220 – Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen)
Rd 64: Ellefsen dec 6-0 Cobbs (VA)
Rd 32: Pomeroy (WV) dec 8-6 Ellefsen
Consie Rd 16 #1: Ellefsen wbf 1:49 Roucher (VT)
Consie Rd 16 #2: Ellefsen wbf 2:09 Mason (IL)
Consie Rd 8 #1: Ellefsen dec 7-0 Walters (PA)
Consie Rd 8 #2: Ellefsen for Knighton-ward (NY)
Consie Rd 4: Ellefsen wbf 1:29 Marcano (FL)
Consie Semis: Lacombe (NJ) dec 8-3 Ellefsen
5th Place Match: Ellefsen wbf 3:53 Green (WA)

126 – Connor Greiner (Minisink Valley)
Rd 128: Greiner wbf 2:53 Schell (CT)
Rd 64: Attasouav (MA) dec 7-1 Greiner
Consie Rd 64: Greiner maj 11-0 Paul (VA)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Greiner wbf 3:02 Crockett (AK)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Greiner dec 7-1 Sams (NY)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Gonzales (CO) dec 6-0 Greiner
132 – Vinny Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
Rd 128: Vetrano dec 7-5 Taylor (WV)
Rd 64: Ervin (KY) dec 8-2 Vetrano
Consie Rd 64: Vetrano dec 5-0 Cascione (FL)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Vetrano maj 13-0 Shelbourne (VA)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Isbrandt (OH) dec 5-1 Vetrano
138 – Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
Rd 128: Vetrano maj 12-0 Andrews (RI)
Rd 64: Garcia (AZ) wbf 1:33 Vetrano
Consie Rd 64: Vetrano dec 3-1 Grigsby (ID)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Vetrano maj 12-0 Brady (FL)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Vetrano dec 2-1 Mehaffney (PA)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Vetrano dec 1-0 Sellmer (IN)
Consie Rd 16 #2:  Vetrano dec 5-2 Stika (OH)
Consie Rd 8 #1: Vetrano dec 6-5 Daub (NC)
Consie Rd 8 #2: Johnson (KY) dec 8-2 Vetrano
152 – Dillon Ross (Onteora)
Rd 64: Price (NC) dec 3-2 Ross
Consie Rd 64 #2: Ross maj 11-0 Hajduck (GA)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Ross dec 6-1 Lucas (AK)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Ross dec 4-3 Hill (AL)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Ross dec 2-1 Barrett (CT)
Consie Rd 16 #2: Miller (VA) dec 6-0 Ross
160 – Shaun Burgos (Pine Bush)
Rd 128: Burgos dec 14-10 Barr (PA)
Rd 64: Bylick (FL) wbf 1:07 Burgos
Consie Rd 64 #2: Burgos wbf :35 Hussar (OH)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Burgos dec 12-7 Murray (SC)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Kennedy (VA) dec 11-4 Burgos
170 – Timmy Ganuncio (Minisink Valley)
Rd 128: Barth (OH) dec 7-4 Ganuncio
Consie Rd 64 #2: Ganuncio dec 11-5 Parrish (NY)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Ganuncio dec 8-5 Kohlins (GA)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Ganuncio dec 7-4 Larkin (MN)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Dickman (FL) dec 6-4 Ganuncio
170 – Adonis Morano (Middletown)
Rd 64: Morano dec 3-1 Cooper (MT)
Rd 32: Forrester (GA) maj 14-6 Morano
Consie Rd 32 #2: Kugg (NY) dec 6-2 Morano
182 – Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley)
Rd 64: Yanis wbf 4:51 Seeney (KY)
Rd 32: Yanis wbf 5:00 Little (GA)
Rd 16: Steefen (MN) dec 3-2 Yanis
Consie Rd 16 #2: Matheny (VA) dec 6-2 Yanis
285 – Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley)
Rd 32: Fenner dec 3-1 Mantalvo (VA)
Rd 16: Ridley (GA) wbf 5:25 Fenner
Consie Rd 16 #2: Fenner wbf 2:24 Sidle (NJ)
Consie Rd 8 #1: McWilliams (IN) dec 2-0 Fenner

120 – Marco Vespa (Monroe Woodbury)
Rd 128: Caruso (DE) wbf 5:28 Vespa
Consie Rd 64: Castle (IL) fft Vespa
126 – Nick Curreri (Eldred)
Rd 128: Peterson (WA) dec 8-4 Curreri
Consie Rd 64: Thompson (NJ) dec 5-0 Curreri
126 – Frank Fea (Goshen)
Rd 64: Garcia (IN) dec 5-3 Fea
Consi Rd 64: Fea wbf 1:59 Shook (NC)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Fea dec 10-5 Marquez (NM)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Spadafora (NY) dec 6-4 Fea
132 – Nick Albornoz (Minisink Valley)
Rd 64: Albornoz wbf :35 Canrobert (NC)
Rd 32: Rolle (OK) wbf :55 Albornoz
Consi Rd 32 #2: Albornoz maj 14-0 Eure (MD)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Karst (WY) wbf 3:50 Albornoz
145 – Steven Gazzillo (Cornwall)
Rd 128: Fasano (CO) dec 8-4 Gazzillo
Consie Rd 64: Gazzillo wbf 2:50 Krause (NY)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Villarreal (CA) dec 8-1 Gazzillo
152 – Kraig Thomas (Wallkill)
Rd 128: Thomas wbf 5:09 Carr (WV)
Rd 64: Podsednick (MD) maj 14-0 Thomas
Consie Rd 32 #1: Thomas dec 5-1 Robert (CT)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Thomas dec 5-4 Barnes (NC)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Selmi (ND) dec 4-2 Thomas
182 – Will Leonard (Cornwall)
Rd 32: Nutt (NJ) dec 10-4 Leonard
Consie Rd 32 #2: Leonard wbf 2:16 McCubbin (VA)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Leonard dec 4-2 Hauser (TN)
Consie Rd 16 #2: Leonard dec 5-4 Watts (GA)
Consie Rd 8 #1: Noonan (PA) maj 9-1 Leonard

106 – Nick Picariello (Minisink Valley)
Rd 128: Liptzen (NJ) dec 7-2 Picariello
Consie Rd 64 #1: Sciotto (NY) wbf 3:52 Picariello
126 – Nate Ross (Onteora)
Rd 128: O’Brien (UT) wbf 2:30 Ross
Consie Rd 64 #2: Crater (NJ) maj 9-0 Ross

Middle School
85 – Nick Fea (Goshen)
Rd 32: Fea wbf :23 Nicholas (PA)
Rd 16: Fea wbf :22 Holt (WV)
Quarterfinals: Fea dec 3-0 Holloway (VA)
Semifinals: Fea dec 6-0 Schubert (NY)
Finals: Poulin (NY) dec 6-4 sv Fea
105 – Pat Ross  (Onteora)
Rd 32: Ross dec 4-2 Cortez (SC)
Rd 16: New (AL) dec 6-2 Ross
Consie Rd 16 #2: Nichols (CT) maj 11-0 Ross
105 – Nick Ross (Onteora)
Rd 64: Alanis (AZ) maj 11-1 Ross
Consie Rd 32 #2: Ross wbf :47 Mangan (PA)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Araoz (NY) maj 8-0 Ross
230 – Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley)
Rd 16: Horner (NJ) dec 2-0 Fenner
Consie Rd 8 #1: Fenner wbf 1:53 McCallop (NC)
Consie Rd 8 #2: Fenner wbf 1:47 Betancur (RI)
Consie Rd 4: Fenner dec 3-1 Harden (MD)
Consie Semis: Horner (NJ) wbf Fenner
5th Place Match: Fenner wbf 4:52 Hill (VA)

Faison, Yanis and Ellefsen Win Titles at NYWAY States

Congratulations to Wallkill freshman James Faison, Minisink Valley junior Joey Yanis and Goshen senior Ryan Ellefsen for taking home titles at the NYWAY State Championships this past weekend.  Faison pinned his opponent in the finals while both Yanis and Ellefsen needed to knock off NYS placewinners in order to capture the top spot!

Faison won hard fought matches in the quarters and semis by scores of 2-1 and 3-0 respectively before imposing his will in the finals and pinning Matt McKewin in 2:46!  Faison was a Section 9 finalist this season at 120 pounds.

Yanis was crowned champion at 184 pounds after recording a resounding victory over Matt Cicco by a 13-3 margin.  Cicco finished 3rd in D1 NYS this past season at 182 pounds.  Yanis also defeated Cicco earlier this season at the Eastern States Classic.

Ellefsen squared off in the 220 pound finals against 2X NYS D2 finalist Joe Benedict and when the final whistle blew, the Clarion bound Goshen native was the 4-0 victor.  Ellefsen finished 3rd in NYS this season and was a finalist at 220 last year.

Minisink Valley JV wrestler Grace Pauls also took home gold!  The Warrior freshman notched a pair of first period pins in capturing the 128-141 pound girl’s division!

There were several other Section 9 wrestlers who competed at NYWAY states – all ages, boys and girls.  Congratulations to everyone who competed – special congrats to those who won or placed at their weight.

2017 NYWAY States Placewinners

Full tournament results can be found at …. Events … 2017 NYWAY State Championships.

Friends of Section 9 Awards Banquet

A Great Banquet Highlighted by Tributes to Retiring Wallkill Coach Jeff Cuilty

Jeff Cuilty (right) being congratulated by his former wrestler and Assistant Coach at NFA Chris Leggett

The Friends of Section 9 held their annual awards banquet last night at Kuhl’s Highland House in Middletown.  Plaques were given to the top 4 D1 placewinners and the top 2 D2 placewinners.  There were also several special awards handed out (listed below).  The highlights of the evening, however, were the  tributes given to Jeff Cuilty by his colleagues.  Coach Cuilty who is retiring from coaching after an illustrious 37 year career that has landed him in the NYS Wrestling Hall of Fame.

After coaching for 8 years at Ardsley High School in Section 1, Cuilty coached at NFA for 24 years and Wallkill for  5 years.  In the 5 years at Wallkill he turned a once struggling program into one that is perennially state recognized.  Although he is retiring from teaching and coaching, Coach Cuilty is will remain active in wrestling in two extremely important capacities.  He will continue to serve at the Section 9 wrestling chairperson.  His contributions in this role are incredible highlighted by his part in creating the wild card system for the NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships.

Perhaps the crown jewel of Jeff Cuilty’s career is his role as the tournament director for the Eastern States Classic.  The ESC is without question one of the toughest high school wrestling tournaments in the nation. This year’s event showcased some of the best high school wrestlers from over 150 schools spanning 5 states.  The event gets larger, tougher, and thus more complex to run, every year.  I am very happy to announce that Cuilty will be staying on as tournament director for the ESC –  I’m not sure how we could run the tournament without him!

Below are all of the award recipients from last night’s banquet.  Congratulations to all of the winners!

John Bell Lifetime Achievement Award – Jeff Cuilty
Troy Bouzakis Wrestler of the Year – Ryan Ferro, Warwick
FS9 Person of the Year – Phil Rosas, Port Jervis
FS9 President’s Team Award – Minisink Valley
FS9 Most Courageous Wrestler – Mike Fekishazy, Wallkill
Comeback Wrestler of the Year – Kendall Elfstrum, MW
Most Improved Team – Pine Bush
D’Aliso Most Improved Wrestler – Louis Libutti, MW
FS9 Coach of the Year – Rich Ormsby, Pine Bush
FS9 Fan of the Year – Marie Ng, Monticello
FS9 Parent of the Year – Matt Curreri, Eldred
Frank Tscham Team of the Year – Monroe Woodbury
Mark Faller Coach of the Year – John Gartiser, MW
Assistant Coach of the Year – Bob Christensen, MW
Modified Coach of the Year – Trevor Gale, Onteora
Coach’s Wife of the Year – Carolyn Cuilty
Ref of the Year – Wayne Carroll
Officials Sportsmanship Award – Brandon Bobe, Wash.
Scorekeeper of the Year – Sydney Sauschuck, Port Jervis
Scorekeeper of the Year – Amanda Sexton, Port Jervis

D’Aliso Scholarship – Brad Bonner, Wallkill
DeCapua Scholarship – Ryan Ferro, Warwick
DeCapua Scholarship – Evan Barczak, MW
DeCapua Scholarship – Kendall Elfstrum, MW
DeCapua Scholarship – Mike Fekishazy, Wallkill
DeCapua Scholarship – Brandon Bobe, Washingtonville

Local Program Gets Local Star

Wallkill’s Fekishazy Chooses SUNY Ulster

NYS silver medalist Mike Fekishazy has decided to continue his academic and wrestling career at SUNY Ulster next fall.  The Wallkill senior is a 2X Section 9 champion and a 2X NYS place winner.  This year Fekishazy made it to the state finals at 182 where he dropped a decision to Louie Deprez, the top ranked wrestler in the nation at the weight.  Last year Fekishazy finished 6th in the state at 170 pounds.

SUNY Ulster is coached by Justin Signorelli, a Highland graduate who wrestled collegiately at SUNY Cortland.  Congratulations to Mike, his family, and to Coach Signorelli – best of luck in college!


16th Annual Friends of Section 9 Banquet of Champions

Sunday March 12th
Kuhl’s Highland House
512 Highland Avenue Ext.
Middletown, NY 10940

Purchase Tickets – $30.00 per person
No walk-in’s will be permitted

Come join the Friends of Section 9 Wrestling as we honor our top, athletes, coaches and others, who have given their best towards improving Section 9 wrestling.

Division One place-winners (Top 4)
Division Two place-winners (Top 2)
will be receiving awards at this year’s dinner.

Every effort will be made to seat guests with their team, but seating is limited, and late reservations will be seated as space is available.

Doors Open at 5:00 PM – Dinner begins at 6:00 PM

Only award recipients who attend the dinner will receive awards. (Plaques will NOT be issued to wrestlers who do NOT attend the banquet.)

Lisa Vespa
Phone: Cell: 845-656-3555

March Tournaments

Sunday 3/5 – NYWAY Qualifier @ Minisink Valley MS

Friday 3/10 – Sunday 3/12 – Mohawk Valley WC International Festival

Friday 3/17-Sunday 3/19 – NYWAY States at Onondaga CC, Syracuse

Thur 3/23 – Sun 3/26 – Girls Folkstyle National Duals @ Ok City, OK

Friday 3/24 – Sunday 3/26 – NHSCA Nationals at Virginia Beach, VA

Friday 3/1 – Sunday 4/2 – FloNationals @ Indiana University, PA

NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships – D1 and D2 Finals… Medal Matches for S9 Wrestlers

2017 NYS Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee Steve Fischbein (second from right) and his family.

The 2017 NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships have been awesome!  Section 9 did outstanding!  We have 2 state champs, 4 finalists, and we placed 9 wrestlers in the top 6.  Some of the highlights of the tournament, however, have taken place off of the mat.  First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to former Monroe Woodbury head coach Steve Fischbein for being selected for induction into the NYS Wrestling Hall of Fame.  There is nobody more deserving that you Fish!  I would also be remiss I did not take a moment to say “Thank You” to retiring Wallkill head coach Jeff Cuilty.  Also a NYS HOF member, Coach Cuilty’s contribution to the wrestling community stretches far beyond Section 9.  Congrats Coach Fischbein and Coach Cuilty!

Championship Finals
99 D1: Brandon Nunez (P) dec 5-3 Terry Adams (C)
99 D2: Anthony Noto (S5) wbf 6:44 Jordan Titus (S11)
106 D1: Dylan Ryder (11) tf 15-0 Cody Anders  (S5)
106 D2: T. Svingala (S2) dec 9-2 Jon Charles (S3)
113 D1: G. Diakomihalis (S5) dec 9-5 J. McDougald (S6)
113 D2: Trey LaFlamme (S3) dec 5-2 Caleb Robinson (S4)
120 D1: Adam Busiello (S11) wbf 2:53 Anthony Cirillo (S11)
120 D2: Orion Anderson (S2) maj 12-4 Luke Bokina (S11)
126 D1: Justin Vines (S8) dec 3-0 Austin Hertel (S5)
126 D2: Jon Gomez (S8) dec 5-1 Jack Bokina (S11)
132 D1: Jacori Teemer (S8) dec 1-0 Mike Venosa (S5)
132 D2: Dane Heberlein (S5) dec 7-3 Hector Colom (S6)
138 D1: Vito Arujau (S8) dec 8-3 Jake Silverstein (S11)
138 D2: Hunter Shaut (S3) dec 4-3 Tanner Lapiene (S10)
145 D1: F. Gissendanner (S5) dec 7-2 K. Shanahan (S2)
145 D2: Tanner Cook (S3) dec 10-8 Adam Wagner (S5)
152 D1: Peter Pappas (S8) dec 7-3 Matt Grippi (S1)
152 D2: Hunter Richard (S3) dec 4-1 Ross McFarland (S3)
160 D1: Ryan Ferro (S9) dec 7-3 Grant Cuomo (S1)
160 D2: Noah Grover (S5) dec 5-3 Noah Curreri (S9)
170 D1: Tyler Barnes (S2) dec 5-2 Z. Ancewicz (S11)
170 D2: Matt Gaiser (S5) wbf 1:52 Jason Hoffman (S2)
182 D1: Louie Deprez (S5) maj 13-4 Mike Fekishazy (S9)
182 D2: Clifton Wang (S1) dec 3-2 2OT Doug Simmons (S3)
195 D1: Kendall Elfstrum (S9) dec 9-7 sv Simon Chee (P)
195 D2: James Hoeg (S11) maj 10-2 Joe Benedict (S3)
220 D1: Z. Knightonward (8) inj. def T. Robinson (S11)
220 D2: Tanner Zagarino (S11) dec 10-5 Hammond Raes (S5)
285 D1: Billy Bolia (S5) dec 2-1 Deonte Wilson (S11)
285 D2: L. Alsous (S6) dec 3-2 Jacob Morrison (S4) vs

3rd/4th Medal Matches for S9
113 D1: Sciotto (S11) dec 4-2 Vespa (MW)…Marco take 4th
152 D1: Barczak (MW) dec 5-4 Miele (S11)..Evan takes 3rd
220 D1: Ellefsen (Go) maj 16-7 Caffrey (S11)..Ryan takes 3rd

5th/6th Medal Matches for S9
106 D1: Earl (MW) dec 3-1 Perry (S1)…Dylan takes 5th
120 D1: Geneau (S6) wbf :22 Lynch…Tyler takes 6th

Section 9 @ NYSPHSAA…Semifinal and Blood Round Match-Ups and Results

This is the most exciting round of the tournament. On the inside mats we have the semifinals – the winner advances to the finals and has a chance at capturing a state title.  On the outer mats we have the blood round – if you win, you place….if you lose you’re out!  Good luck boys!!!

Semifinal Match-Ups
113 D1: Justin McDougald (S6) wbf 5:40 Marco Vespa (MW)
152 D1: Matt Grippi (S1) dec 5-4 Evan Barczak (MW)
160 D1: Ryan Ferro (Warwick) wbf 3:13 Nick Munsch (S11)
160 D2: Noah Curreri (E/L/SW) dec 6-3 Cameron Page (S6)
182 D1: Mike Fekishazy (Wall) dec 10-5 Matt Cicco (S6)
195 D1: Kendall Elfstrum (MW) dec 7-3 Sam Schuyler (S11)

Blood Matches
106 D1: Earl (MW) dec 3-1 Hughes (S3)
120 D1: Lynch (MV) dec 9-5 Simmons (S8)
132 D2: Eliopolous (S1) dec 4-1 Houck (RV)
182 D1: Frank (S1) dec 3-2 Yanis (MV)
220 D1: Ellefsen (Goshen) wbf 3:45 Gecaj (S1)
285 D1: Broder (S4) dec 3-1 Duke (Middletown)