Weekend Results for Section 9 Wrestlers

Journeymen Classic
Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville) – 125A
Lucinski (NY) maj 9-0 Marchese
Gonzales (CA) maj 14-2 Marchese
Owen (MD) pin :57 Marchese
Marchese fft over Foy (NY)
Marchese dec 1-0 Ali (OH)

Nick Fea (Wyoming Seminary) – 145A
Fea 15-0 tech over Stampoulos (NJ)
Fea dec 2-0 Christie (PA)
Fea dec 1-0 Eck (PA)
Semis: Fea fin 4:55 Mastroianni (CT)
Finals: Fea pin 1:35 Stiles (IL)…Fea is your Journeymen Classic Champ!!!

Eric Tigue (Minisink Valley) – 160B
Tigue pin 2:00 Bost (PA)
Tigue dec 7-2 Disbrow (NJ)
Clarke (NJ) dec 9-5 Tigue
Tigue wins the pool based on criteria – quality wins!!! Congrats Eric!!!

Joe Russell (Newburgh Free Academy) – 225A
Piazza (NJ) dec 9-7 ot Russell
Vanadia (OH) pin 3:30 Russell
9-12th Place Semis: Russell dec 3-1 Horvath (NJ)
9th/10th: Russell pin 3:23 Venables…Joe takes 9th place

Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley) – 285A
Fenner dec 3-2 Betancur (RI)
Levans (PA) dec 2-0 Fenner
5-8th Semis: Boersma (IL) dec 3-1 Fenner
7th/8th: McCatharn fft over Fenner…Adam finishes 8th

Journeymen OverFlo
Brian Lombardi (Minisink Valley) – 140A
Roggie (VA) dec 3-1 sv Lombardi
Lombardi dec 1-0 Maiorini (NY)
Lombardi dec 9-8 ot Duguay (NJ)
Pacheo (RI) pin 1:46 Lombardi

Marcus Brown (Monroe Woodbury)
Brown dec 7-4 Frizzell (NJ)
Brown dec 4-3 Baker (VA)
Hawkins (CT) dec 5-1 Brown
Finck (VA) dec 3-2 Brown

Section 9 Results From Sunshine Preseason Duals
Jaden Hansen (NFA), Matt Davis (Wallkill), Jackson Merli (NFA), Ethan Palanca (New Paltz), and Anthony Manzi (NFA) competed for The Backyard Boyz WC. The team went 2-2 in Day 1 pools and the wrestled in the Silver Bracket for Day 2. The team dropped their first dual on Day 2 but wrestled all the way back to the consi final which would determine places 9/10 for the entire tournament. Unfortunately the Backyard Boyz lost a tough one 54-33 and took home 10th place honors.

Jaden Hansen (Newburgh Free Academy, 122)
Day 1 Pools
Rd1: win by fft
Rd 2: Hansen dec 7-0 over Cominsky (Eagle Empire)
Rd 3: Noble (KWA MN) pin 1:59 Hansen
Rd 4: Hansen pin 2:07 Parker (Breadwinners)
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Haase (ECE) pin 3:44 Hansen
Consi 8: Hansen pin :57 Rentas (Soldier City)
Consi Semi: Hansen dec 6-0 Herrero (Cypress Bay)
Consi Finals: Hansen dec 5-0 Dominquez

Matt Davis (Wallkill, 128)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Davis pin :29 Marrero
Rd 2: Dusendang dec 5-4 Davis
Rd 3: Bents pin 1:50
Rd 4: Davis maj 9-1 Walsh
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Davis pin 4:08 Jackson
Consi 8: Enriquez maj 9-0 Davis
Consi Semi: Davis dec 10-8 Arbodelo
Consi Finals: Davis dec 6-3 Andre Aja

Jackson Merli (Newburgh Free Academy, 134)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Merli pin 1:04 Patterson
Rd 2: Olivia pin 1:13 Maerli
Rd 3: Parent pin :37 Merli
Rd 4: Merli dec 10-6 ot Coto
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Merli dec 11-4 Baxter
Consi 8: Merli dec 11-7 George
Consi Semi: Merli maj 11-1 Melguizo
Consi Finals: Merli dec 6-3 Eric Aja

Ethan Palanca (New Paltz, 154)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Palanca tech 17-2 Freestone
Rd 2: Palanca dec 3-1 Moreno
Rd 3: Wells dec 8-1 Palanca
Rd 4: Palanca pin 2:06 Ciliento
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Palanca pin :45 Official
Consi 8: Palanca pin 2:03 Rentas
Consi Semi: Palanca dec 3-2 Rodriguez
Consi Finals: Palanca pin 3:47 Reid

Anthony Manzi (Newburgh Free Academy, 172)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Manzi dec 8-2 Crouch
Rd 2: Manzi dec 8-4 Vilchez
Rd 3: Wynia pin :58 Manzi
Rd 4: Manzi won by fft
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Manzi won by fft
Consi 8: Martinez pin 3:54 Manzi
Consi Semi: Manzi won by fft
Consi Finals: Manzi won by fft

Tulsa World of Wrestling Kickoff Classic
Cooper Merli (Newburgh) 15U Division – 77 lbs
Rd 16: Merli dec 4-1 Cole Lamberton (PA)
Quarterfinals: Jonathan Marquez (CO) dec 3-2 Merli
Consi 8 #2: Merli dec 2-1 Lazar Joyce (NJ)
Consi 4: Merli dec 2-1 Titan Frederichs (MN)
Consi Semis: Dominic Munaretto (IL) tech 17-2 Merli
5th/6th: Merli dec 6-3 Marquez (CO)…Cooper takes 5th Place!!!!

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