MAWA Regional Results

The Middle Atlantic Wrestling Association (MAWA) North Regional tournament was held this weekend at Shamokin High School in Coal Township, PA.  As soon as gets the completed brackets, they will be posted.  For the time being, I will post any individual results that I receive. 

MAWA North Regional Results

Michael Raccioppi – Minisink Valley – 1st Place
Travis Edwards – Port Jervis – 1st Place
Jalen Palmer – Delaware Valley – 1st Place
PJ Smoot – Monroe Woodbury – 2nd Place
Sam Weinger – Washingtonville – 2nd Place
Frankie Carrozza – Delaware Valley – 3rd Place
Mason Rambarose – Minisink Valley – 4th Place
Nicky Wentland – Minisink Valley – 6th Place

Sanderson Decides Not To Compete In Olympic Team Trials

According to Intermat, 2004 Olympic gold medalist Cael Sanderson has decided not to make a run at another medal at the 2012 London Olympics.  Sanderson, who is also the head coach of the 2X defending NCAA champion Penn State Nittany Lions, was a 2011 World Team member.  He finished 5th at the World Championships in Turkey and has not competed since.  Click here for the Intermat story.

US Olympic Team qualifiers (updates 4/2/2012)



Eastern States Classic champs Dylan Palacio and Tony Lock claim Senior National Titles!!!

New York wrestlers Dylan Palacio and Tony Lock claimed individual titles at this weekend’s NHSCA Senior Nationals Wrestling Championships held in Virginia Beach.  Not surprising….both wrestlers were also 2012 Eastern States Classic champions.  A third New Yorker, Sean McCabe of Connetquot (Section 11), was able to make it to the finals before dropping a 7-4 decision to Josh Rodriguez of California. 

Long Beach High School’s (Section 8 ) Dylan Palacio capped off on incredible, undefeated season by claiming the national title at 152 pounds.  Palacio’s magical season has included victories over nationally-ranked wrestlers Brian Realbuto (NY), Raamiah Bethea (NJ), and Austin Trott (GA). 

Pioneer High School’s (Section 6) Tony Lock was crowned national champion at 182 pounds.  Lock also finished the year undefeated and was able to finish on top of a podium that included nationally-ranked wrestlers Kyle Crutchmer (OK), Taylor McGiffen (IL), and Jack DeChow (IL). 

NHSCA Senior Nationals – Final Results                                            Top 5 States
106:  Phazon Roddy (NC) dec Alvaro Gallego (AZ) 10-3                             1:  California
113:  Vito Pasone (PA) dec Braun Marquez (TX) 9-3                                   2:  New York
120:  Josh Rodriguez (CA) dec Sean McCabe (NY) 7-4                               3:  New Jersey
126:  Nathan Kraisser (MD) major Hunter Weber (WI) 9-0                     4:  Michigan
132:  Mark Grey (NJ) dec Cole Mendenhall (MT) 7-2                                 5:  Kansas
138:  Natrelle Demison major Cole Moseley (TN) 11-1
145:  Alex Richardson (NJ) dec Dylan Cottrell (WV) 3-2 ot ride-out
152:  Dylan Palacio (NY) dec Austin Trott (GA) 6-2
160:  Clark Glass (FL) dec Taylor Lewandowski (MN) 9-4
170:  Matt Reed (KS) dec Jordan Thomas (MI) 3-1
182:  Tony Lock (NY) dec Nolan Boyd (OK) 5-4 ot utb
195:  Timothy Dudley (SC) pinned JT Goodwin (CA) 3:30
220:  Richard Black (CA) major David Luke Wislon (AL) 10-2
285:  Doug Vallaro (FL) dec Austin Goergen (MN) 10-6

FloNationals in Philly….Senior Nationals in VA Beach will be following all of our local wrestlers who are competing at two major post-season tournaments this weekend….The FloNationals and the NHSCA Senior Nationals!!!!!

FloNationals in Philadelphia, PA    (brackets)
CJ Palmer (126) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  CJ Palmer (PA) dec 11-4 over Sean Kellett (CT)
     – 2nd Round:  CJ Palmer (PA) tech fall 16-0 over Tyler Hall (NY)
     – Rd 16:  CJ Palmer (PA) dec 6-1 over Kevin DeVoy (NJ) 
     – Quarters:  Jeff Ott (MA) wbf 1:44 over CJ Palmer (PA)
     – consie quarters:  Sam Speno (NY) dec 3-1 over CJ Palmer (PA)

Austin Weigel (152) – Onteora
     – 1st Round:  Austin Wetterau (NJ) wbf 5:32 over Austin Weigel (NY)
     – 1st Consie:  Josef Johnson (NJ) dec 7-0 over Austin Weigel (NY)

Marc Wagner  (170) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  Marc Wagner (PA) bye
     – 2nd Round:  Parker VonEdigy (NC) dec 6-3 over Marc Wagner (PA)
     – 1st Consie:  Marc Wagner (PA) tech fall 16-0 over Jake Koch (NJ)
     – 2nd Consie:  Marc Wagner (PA) major 10-2 over  Ibragim Ibragimov (PA)
     – 3rd Consie:  Brian Dorsey (TX) dec 4-1 over Marc Wagner (PA)

Senior Nationals in Virginia Beach, VA  (brackets)
Ryan Bedross (160) – Warwick Valley
     – 1st Round:  Curtis Bright (NV) dec 7-2 over Ryan Bedross
     – 1st Consie:  Ryan Bedross wbf over Therrien (MA)
     – 2nd Consie:  Chris Nevinger (NY) maj 15-3 over Ryan Bedross

MW’s McShea Wins Middle School Division!!!

Monroe Woodbury 8th-grader Nick McShea dominated his competition in winning the 165 pound weight class of the Middle School Division at the NHSCA Nationals in Virginia Beach!  Congratulations and great job Nick!!! 

Rd 16:  Nick McShea (NY) dec 6-2 over Koree Morgan (SC)
Quarters:  Nick McShea (NY) wbf :35 over Tyler Kleinhans (OH)
Semis:  Nick McShea (NY) maj dec 11-2 over Ryan Mills (WV)
Finals:  Nick McShea (NY) maj dec 12-0 over Brandon White (WV)


4 Locals Grab All-American Honors

Congratulations to Nick Wentland, Frankie Carrozza, Jalen Palmer, and Matthew Wagner for earning All-American honors at the 2012 NHSCA High School Nationals Wrestling Championships held in Virginia Beach. 

Minisink's Nicky Wentland All American @ 160

With his 8th place finish at 160, Minisink Valley freshman Nick Wentland was the only Section 9 wrestler to achieve AA status.  Below are his match-by-match results….great job Nicky!!!

Round 16:  Wentland dec 9-4 over Ethan Newall (VA)      
Quarters:  Jake Young (PA) dec 6-1 over Wentland     
1st Consie:  Wentland dec 6-3 over Jacob Woolson (NY)
Consie Quarters:  Taquan Long (SC) dec 7-5 over Wentland
7th Place:  Logan Womeldorf (PA) dec 10-6 over Wentland

Carrozza, Palmer, and Wagner all attend Delaware Valley High School in Matamoras, PA.  Carrozza finished 8th in the freshman division at 126 pounds.  Jalen Palmer, the sophomore brother of 2X PA state place winner CJ Palmer, placed 3rd at 132 pounds.  The top performance of all local wrestlers was turned in by DV freshman Matthew Wagner who finished 2nd at 182 pounds.  Congrats to Frankie, Jalen, and Matthew….great job guys! 


High School Nationals

The NHSCA High School National Wrestling Championships take place this week in Virginia Beach and will provide updates on all of our local wrestlers!  Links to updated brackets will also be provided as they become available!  Good luck boys!!!

              Freshman Nationals                   Brackets
Gerard Daly (106) – Minisink Valley
     – 1st Round:  Daly dec 8-7 over Michael Bartolo (PA)
     – 2nd Round:  Daly dec 10-3 over Austin Comeford (NC)
     – 3rd Round:  Michael Russo (NJ) mdec 13-3 over Daly
     – 1st Consie:  Matthew Landgraff (FL) dec 7-4 over Daly

Michael Raccioppi (113) – Minisink Valley
     – 1st Round:  Raccioppi wbf 1:00 over Alan Caro (FL)
     – 2nd Round: Raccioppi dec 7-3 over Caleb Bordner (PA)..Bordner finished 8th in PA!!!
     – Rd 16:  Raccioppi dec 6-4 ot over Tyler Makosy (MD)
     – Quarters:  Jared Prince (FL) wbf 3:00 over Raccioppi
     – 1st Consie:  Orefice (NY) dec 6-4 over Raccioppi

Mason Rambarose (120) – Minisink Valley
     – 1st Round:  Rambarose dec 2-1 over Bobby Gallipoli (NJ)
     – 2nd Round:  Anthony Juckes (NM) dec 8-4 over Rambarose
     – 1st Consie:  Rambarose wbf 2:00 over Andrew Hawthorne (SC)
     – 2nd Consie:  Rambarose wbf 1:28 over Daniel Boyer (PA)
     – 3rd Consie:  Rambarose dec 2-1 over Mateo Lybarger (OH)
     – 4th Consie:  Grant Aycox (GA) wbf 4:21 over Rambarose

Chris Truglio (126) – Minisink Valley
     – 1st Round:  Truglio dec 12-11 over Charlie Johnson (PA)
     – Rd 16:  Neil Richards (VA) wbf 1:20 over Truglio
     – 1st Consie:  Ethan Stever (PA) dec 4-3 over Truglio

Frank Carrozza (126) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  Carrozza wbf 4:54 over John Lepak (NY)
     – Rd 16:  Mike Monica (NJ) mdec 10-0 over Carrozza
     – 1st Consie:  Carrozza dec 2-1 over Dominic Lucero (NM)
     – 2nd Consie:  Carrozza wbf 1:28 Bracken Lovell (UT)
     – 3rd Consie:  Carrozza dec 3-0 Dustin Yoakum (WV)…. Carrozza an AA!!!
     – Consie Quarters:  Alex Murray (NJ) dec 5-1 over Carrozza
     – 7th Place Match:  Jacob Trujillo (CO) dec 10-7 over Carrozza….Carrozza takes 8th!!!

Nick Wentland (160) – Minisink Valley
     – Round 16:  Wentland dec 9-4 over Ethan Newall (VA)
     – Quarters:  Jake Young (PA) dec 6-1 over Wentland
     – 1st Consie:  Wentland dec 6-3 over Jacob Woolson (NY)…Wentland guaranteed AA
     – Consie Semi:  Taquan Long (SC) dec 7-5 over Wentland…Wentland wrestling for 7th
     – 7th Place Match:  Logan Womeldorf (PA) dec 10-6 over Wentland… Nicky takes 8th!!!

Matthew Wagner (182) – Delaware Valley
     – Round 16:  Wagner dec 12-6 over Jeff Velez (NJ)
     – Quarters:  Wagner mdec 13-2 over Richard Bilodeau (NH)
     – Semis: Wagner dec 3-2 over Thomas Alcaro (PA)….Wagner in finals!!!!
     – Finals:  Tevis Bartlett (WY) wbf 5:26 over Wagner…. Matt finishes 2nd in nation!!!

                 Sophomore Nationals                 Brackets
Dylan Booth (106) – Port Jervis
     – 1st Round:  Booth dec 5-3 over Michael Beck (MD)
     – 2nd Round:  Booth wbf 3:01 over Sam Shank (PA)
     – Rd 16:  Brent Fleetwood (DE) tech fall 15-0 over Booth
     – 1st Consie:  Bryan Lantry (NY) dec 7-1 over Booth

Johnny Stramiello (113) – Pine Bush
     – 1st Round:  Tyler Carney (DE) tech fall 18-1 over Stramiello
     – 1st Consie:  Stramiello dec 4-2 over Taylor (MD)
     – 2nd Consie:  Stramiello dec 10-3 over Day (IL)
     – 3rd Consie:  Stramiell0 dec 7-5 over Boatman (TN)
     – 4th Consie:  Hone (UT) dec 8-2 over Stramiello

Jalen Palmer (132) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  Palmer tech fall 17-2 over Dylan Spurlock (AL)
     – Rd 16:  Palmer dec 7-3 over Walker Dempsey (NJ) 
     – Quarters:  Josh Reyes (OR) wbf 4:40 over Palmer
     – 1st Consie:  Palmer wbf 2:26 over Brooks Robinson (UT)….Palmer an AA!!!!
     – 2nd Consie:  Palmer tech fall 16-0 over Payton Shuford (NC)
     – Consie Semis:  Palmer dec 5-1 over Hayden Ryals (AL)….Palmer going for 3rd!!!!
     – 3rd Place Match:  Palmer dec 3-1 over Dempsey (NJ)….3rd Place for Jalen!!!!!!        

                 Junior Nationals                Brackets
AJ Voelker (152) – Monroe Woodbury
     – 1st Round:  Scott McQuaide (MA) dec 2-1 over Voelker
     – 1st Consie: Gomez (NC) dec 2-1 over Voelker

Travis Edwards (160) – Port Jervis
     – 1st Round:  Edwards dec 7-4 over Brad Sullivan (VA)
     – 2nd Round:  Dyvon Gibson (PA) wbf :41 over Edwards
     – 1st Consie:  Edwards dec 3-0 over Markowitz (PA)
     – 2nd Consie:  Karis (WA) tech fall 18-2 over Edwards

Dan Favaro (160) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  Favaro dec 6-2 over Niquo Hawkins (VA)
     – 2nd Round:  Michael Carrocia (NJ) dec 10-0 over Favaro
     – 1st Consie:  Matlock (TN) wbf 2:00 over Favaro

Lucas Markowitz (160) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  Rilen Skieens (AK) wbf 4:59 over Markowitz
     – 1st Consie:  Markowitz dec 2-1 over Cassar (NY)
     – 2nd Consie:  Edwards (NY) dec 3-0 over Markowitz 

Martin Strenk (182) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  Nicholas Baranello (NJ) dec 7-5 over Strenk
     – 1st Consie:  Strenk dec 6-2 over Silano (NJ)
     – 2nd Consie:  Strenk dec 5-2 over Santiago (NY)
     – 3rd Consie:  Strenk wbf 3:48 over Kruklinski (NJ)
     – 4th Consie:  Strenk dec 2-1 over Pesola (MN)
     – Consie Quarters:  Williams (NJ) over Strenk 5-0

Josh Bonneau (195) – Minisink Valley
     – 1st Round:  Ronny Colbilich (NJ) dec 3-1 over Bonneau
     – 1st Consie:  Ramos (NJ) wbf :55 over Bonneau

Jack Fagan (220) – Delaware Valley
     – 1st Round:  Fagan dec 2-1 over Ryan Hughes (NY)
     – Rd 16:  Jden Cox (MO) wbf 1:00 over Fagan
     – 1st Consie:  Fagan dec 1-0 over Linden (OH)
     – 2nd Consie:  Fagan wbf 2:08 over Zorea (AK)
     – 3rd Consie:  Meagher wbf 2:53 over Fagan

                Senior Nationals                    Brackets
Ryan Bedross (160) – Warwick Valley
     – 1st Round:  Curtis Bright (NV) dec 7-2 over Bedross

Youth Tournament Announcement!!!!

Pop & Flo Mini-Men Nationals
April 28th & 29th
Union College, Schenectady, NY

                               Tournament Concept
In 2010 JourneymenWrestling and Flowrestling joined forces to create one of the top alliances in wrestling – Pop & Flo Wrestling. That alliance spawned one of the most renowned tournaments in the country – The Pop & Flo National Duals in Lake Placid, NY. Now that Pop & Flo National Duals is up and running, we are shifting some of our energy, creativity and resources to the wrestling young guns! The goal is to use our relationships within the wrestling community to bring the best youth wrestlers together for this event. We plan to properly showcase and promote the legends of tomorrow by giving them the platform they deserve with some airtime on Flowrestling. You and your teammates are cordially invited to scrap with some of the toughest wrestlers in the country.

         2012 Pop & Flo Mini-Men Nationals Registration Information

NY Wrestling Makes a Statement!

Defeat NJ All-Star Team  27-23 at Charity Event!!!

Team New York pulled of a shocker on Sunday at the NY-NJ Charity Challenge by defeating a decidedly better credentialed team from NJ by the score of 27-23.  Make no mistake about it, although this was first and foremost a charity event, no punches were being pulled…..both teams wanted the “W” and they wrestled accordingly.  The match was decided at the 285 pound weight class in dramatic fashion when Cole Lampman from Shenendehowa defeated his NJ foe in overtime.

Team New Jersey, wrestling on behalf of the Adam Frey Foundation, put together a roster which included 9 state champs, 5 state runner-ups, and one 4X youth champion.  The New York squad, wrestling for Pinning Down Autism, had only 5 state champs, 3 runner-ups, 3 third-place finishers, and 4 forth-place finishers….and keep in mind that NY has a two-division system while NJ does not!!!

In a few other marquee match-ups… At 132 Nick Kelley (3rd in NY D1) defeated NJ state champ Scott Delvecchio…Dylan Palacio (NY) pinned undefeated NJ state champ Ramiaah Bethea …. NY D2 state champ Zack Zupan upended 2X defending NJ state champ Ryan Harrington (his first loss in 84 matches)!!! Congratulations should be extended to all of the wrestlers who competed.  It was an absolutely incredible event and it’s only going to get better!

99: Jay Rodriguez (NY) dec. Kyle Bierdumpfel (NJ), 11-7; NY 3 NJ 0
106: Nick Piccininni (NY) dec. Carl Buttitta (NJ), 7-4, NY 6 NJ 0
113: Brendan Calas (NJ) dec. Patrick Skinner (NY), 5-0 NY 6 NJ 3
120: Sean McCabe (NY) dec. Mike Magaldo (NJ), 4-2 NY 9 NJ 3
126: Maverick Passero (NY) dec. Gary Dinmore (NJ), 3-1 NY 12 NJ 3
132: Nick Kelley (NY) dec. Scott Delvecchio (NJ), 5-1 NY 15 NJ 3
138: BJ Clagon (NJ) dec. Anthony Finnochiaro (NY), 8-4 NY 15 NJ 6
Lenny Richardson (NJ) dec. Mike Caputo (NY), 9-4 NY 15 NJ 9
Dylan Palacio (NY) pin Ramiaah Bethea (NJ), 5:12 NY 21 NJ 9
Johnny Sebastian (NJ) dec. Rrok Ndokaj (NY), 6-3 NY 21 NJ 12
: Zack Zupan (NY) dec. Ryan Harrington (NJ), 6-5 NY 24 NJ 12
182: Dallas Winston (NJ) maj. dec. Jacob Berkowitz (NY), 10-2 NY 24 Nj 16
Eric McMullen (NJ) maj. dec. Reggie Williams (NY), 14-2 NY 24 NJ 20
Lex Knapp (NJ) dec. Patryk Kopczynski (NY), 1-0 NY 24 NJ 23
Cole Lampman (NY) dec. Jermaine Eleumenor (NJ), 2-1 (3 ot) NY 27 NJ 23

2nd Annual NY vs NJ Charity Challenge

The NY vs. NJ Charity Challenge will take place on Sunday, March 25th at Clarkstown South High School.  The event, now in its second year, raises money for a charity selected by each team.  This year Team New York will be representing Pinning Down Autism.  Team New Jersey will be wrestling on behalf of the Adam Frey Foundation.  Donation to the charities at the door will be $20 for adults, $5 for students.  Doors open at 11:30 for concessions and raffle purchases.  Exhibition matches will start at noon and the showdown between Team NY and Team NJ will start at 1:00.  Below are the line-ups.

Place   School           Team NY Wrestler               Wt.      Team NJ Wrestler      School             Place
2nd      Wantagh              Jose Rodriquez (9)               99     Kyle Bierdumpfel         Mahwah 3X Youth SC 
1st         Ward Melville    Nick Piccininni (9)              106    Carl Buttitta(10)            JFK – Iselin           2nd
3rd        Kellenberg          Patrick Skinner (12)           113     Brendon Calas (11)       Seton Hall Prep     1st 
1st         Connetquot         Sean McCabe (12)               120     Mike Magaldo (10)       Watchung Hills      1st
1st         Eastport SM        Maverick Passaro(12)       126     Gary Dinmore (10)       Hunterdon            2nd
3rd        Shenedehowa     Nick Kelley (11)                    132     Scott Delvecchio(11)   South Plainfield     1st
2nd       Canastota            Anthony Finocchiaro(12) 138    BJ Clagon (11)                 Toms River South  1st
4th        N. Rockland       Mike Caputo (12)                  145    Len Richardson(12)     St. Peter’s Prep       1st
1st         Long Beach        Dylan Palacio (12)                152    Raamiah Bethea(12)    Trenton Central      1st
4th       Msgr. Farrell      Rrok Ddokaj (12)                  160    Johnny Sebastian(10)  Bergen Catholic     1st
1st        Canastota            Zack Zupan (12)                    170    Ryan Harrington(12)     West Morris           1st
2nd      Scarsdale             Jacob Berkowitz (12)         182    Dallas Winston (12)        Jackson Mem.       1st
4th      Johnson City       Reggie Williams (10)          195    Eric McMullen (12)         North Bergen       2nd
4th     Brooklyn Tech     Patryk Kopcynski (12)        220   Lex Knapp (12)                 Lacey Twsp.         2nd
3rd     Shenedehowa      Cole Lampman (12)             285   Je. Eleumenor(12)          Morris Knolls       2nd

***Last year, the 160 pound wrestler that represented Team NY was Minisink Valley’s Kyle Diesel!  Would you like to be the next Section 9 wrestler selected for the team?  If so, what do YOU need to do to make it happen?***

Dapper Dan This Weekend

Brian Realbuto gets nod at 152 for Team USA;  Max Askren selected as Coach! 

For the amateur wrestling junkie, it doesn’t get much better than this weekend!  Two amazing events take place on Sunday…The NY vs. NJ Charity Challenge (article tomorrow) and The Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic!

Held at the Fitzgerald Fieldhouse on the University of Pittsburgh campus, the Dapper Dan is an annual event which pits a USA All-Star Team against a PA All-Star Team.  All proceeds go to selected Dapper Dan charities.  Preceding the main event, a match is wrestled between an all-star team from western PA (WPIAL) and a team from a particular state.  At this year’s event, the WPIAL will take on Team Maryland. 

Representing Team USA at 152 pounds will be Brian Realbuto of Somers HS (Section 1).  Brian, a 3X NYS Champion, will be taking his talents to Cornell University in the fall.  The Honorary Coach for Team USA is Max Askren.  Askren, a 3X NCAA D1 All-American and 2010 National Champion from the University of Missouri, is an assistant coach for Somers.  Good luck Brian and Max!  Click below for complete rosters.

                                   Team USA       vs.        Team Pennsylvania

                                   Team Maryland      vs.      Team WPIAL