Youth Tournament Anouncement

                                                    Saturday, April 28, 2012
UNION COLLEGE – Messa Rink at Achilles Center – 807 Union St. • Schenectady, NY

In 2010 JourneymenWrestling and Flowrestling joined forces to create one of the top alliances in wrestling – Pop & Flo Wrestling.  That allaince spawned one of the most renowned tournaments in the country – The Pop & Flo National Duals in Lake Placid, NY. Now that Pop & Flo National Duals is up and running, we are shifting some of our energy, creativity and resources to the wrestling young guns! The goal is to use our relationships within the wrestling community to bring the best youth wrestlers together for this event. We plan to properly showcase and promote the legends of tomorrow by giving them the platform they deserve with some airtime on Flowrestling. You and your teammates are cordially invited to scrap with some of the toughest wrestlers in the country.

                           2012 Pop & Flo Mini-Men Nationals Flyer


Multiple Sclerosis Walk on Sunday

Local wrestling guru Tim Monahan is participating and would like your support.  A note from Tim…

“I will be taking part in a fundraising event this Sunday, April 29th in Monroe, NY. It’s the MS-WALK Orange County we are working to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. I’ll be doing the 3 mile event and would be extremely happy if you would donate to this tremendous cause. Check out this link and you can donate directly in my name.

                                       Tim Monahan’s MS Walk

MS is a terrible disease and if we can find a cure millions of people will benefit. I hope you find it in your ability to help out.”

Thank you,

2012 Olympic Trials – Day 2 Results

                      Men’s Freestyle
55kg:  1st Place   – Sam Hazewinkel (Sunkist Kids)
            2nd Place – Nick Simmons (Sunkist Kids)
            3rd Place  –  Obe Blanc (Gator Wrestling)

66kg:  1st Place   – Jared Frayer (Gator Wrestling) Rd 1: 5-1, 0-4, 6-0  Rd 2: 2-1, 0-1, 2-2
            2nd Place – Brent Metcalf (NYAC)
            3rd Place  –  Josh Churella (NYAC)

84kg:  1st Place   – Jake Herbert (NYAC)
            2nd Place – Travis Paulson (Sunkist Kids)
            3rd Place  – Keith Gavin (Lehigh Valley Athletic Club)

120kg: 1st Place   – Tervel Dlagnev (Sunkist Kids) Rd 1: 3-0, 4-0   Rd 2: 1-0, 2-0
             2nd Place – Les Sigman (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club)
             3rd Place  – Steve Mocco (Lehigh Valley Athletic Club)

                      Men’s Greco-Roman
60kg:  1st Place   – Ellis Coleman (NYAC)     Rd 1: 1-0, 2-0    Rd 2: 0-2, 5-0, 1-0
            2nd Place – Joe Betterman (Sunkist Kids)
            3rd Place  – Jeremiah Davis (US Army)

74kg:  1st Place   – Ben Provisor (Sunkist Kids)
            2nd Place – Aaron Sieracki (US Army)
            3rd Place  – John Anderson (US Army)

96kg:  1st Place   – RC Johnson (Sunkist Kids)   Rd 1: 1-0, 0-1, 1-0  Rd 2: 0-1, 1-0, 1-0
            2nd Place – Pete Gounaridis (Sunkist Kids)
            3rd Place  – Rob Smith (NYAC)

                    Women’s Freestyle
48kg:  1st Place   – Clarissa Chun (Sunkist Kids)
            2nd Place – Alyssa Lampe (Sunkist Kids)
            3rd Place  – Victoria Anthony (NYAC)

63kg:  1st Place   – Elena Pirozhkova (Gator WC) Rd 1: 1-0, 4-0  Rd 2: 1-0, 3-1 
            2nd Place – Adeline Gray (NYAC)
            3rd Place  – Jennifer Page (Gator Wrestling Club) 

2012 US Olympic Team Trials – Day 2

Finals Match-Ups….Thanks again to Coach Gallagher and Tracy Sutera for providing matside updates!!!

                                        Men’s Freestyle
55kg:  Nick Simmons (Sunkist Kids) vs Sam Hazewinel (Sunkist Kids)
** Simmons defeated defending Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo in semis!!**

66kg:  Jared Frayer (Gator Wrestling Club) vs Brent Metcalf (NYAC)

84kg:  Jake Herbert (NYAC) vs Travis Paulson (Sunkist Kids/Cyclone Wrestling Club)
** Max Askren, who is being coached by Army coach Joe Heskett, lost in the quarter finals to Herbert 3-0, 6-0**

120kg:  Tervel Dlagnev (Sunkist Kids) vs Les Sigman (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club)

                                            Men’s Greco-Roman
60kg:  Joe Betterman (Sunkist Kids) vs Ellis Coleman (NYAC)
** If you’ve never seen Coleman’s “Flying Squirrel Takedown,” click here!!!

74kg:  Aaron Sieracki (US Army) vs Ben Provisor (Sunkist Kids)

96kg:  RC Johnson (Sunkist Kids) vs Pete Gounaridis (Sunkist Kids)

                                          Women’s Freestyle
48kg:  Clarissa Chun (Sunkist Kids) vs Alyssa Lampe (Sunkist Kids)

63kg:  Elena Pirozhkova (Gator WC) vs Adeline Gray (NYAC)

2012 US Olympic Team Trials – Day 1 Results

Below are the results for the top 3 place finishers for each division that was wrestled on Saturday.   Take notice of how many of the top Greco Roman wrestlers compete for the US Army.  In his competitive wrestling days, Section 9 coach Phil Brown (Kingston High School) competed for the Army World Class Athletic Program.  Some of his teammates included 2X Olympian and Bronze Medalist Rodney Smith, Olympian Derrick Wouldrup and UFC icon Randy “The Natural” Couture!   

                       Men’s Freestyle
60kg:  1st Place –  Coleman Scott (Gator Wrestling Club)
              2nd Place – Logan Stieber (NYAC)
              3rd Place – Tyler Graff (NYAC)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1  Scott dec. Stieber 3-0, 1-0    Rd. 2  Scott dec. Stieber 2-0, 0-1, 2-0

74kg:  1st Place –  Jordan Burroughs (Sunkist Kids)
             2nd Place – Andrew Howe (NYAC)
             3rd Place – Trent Paulson (Sunkist Kids/Cyclone Wrestling Club)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1  Burroughs dec. Howe 4-2, 1-2, 1-0   Rd. 2 Burroughs inj. Howe

96kg:  1st Place  – Jake Varner (Nittany Lions Wrestling Club)
             2nd Place – Tommy Rowlands (Sunkist Kids)
             3rd Place – Chris Pendleton (Gator Wrestling Club/Wyoming RTC)
Finals Series: Rd. 1  Varner dec. Rowlands 0-1, 2-0, 1-0   Rd. 2 Varner dec. Rowlands 2-0, 1-0

                                 Men’s Greco Roman
55kg:  1st Place  –  Spenser Mango (US Army)
             2nd Place – Max Nowry (NYAC)
             3rd Place –  Paul Tellgren (MN Storm)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1  Mango pin Nowry 1:53     Rd. 2 Mango dec. Nowry 1-0, 3-0

66kg:  1st Place   – Justin Lester (US Army)
             2nd Place – CP Schlatter (MN Storm)
             3rd Place  – Kendrick Sanders (NYAC)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1  Lester dec. Schlatter 1-0, 2-0  Rd. 2 Lester dec. Schlatter 2-0, 1-2, 1-0

84kg:  1st Place   – Chas Betts (MN Storm)
             2nd Place – Jordan Holm (MN Storm)
             3rd Place  – Peter Hicks (US Army)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1 Betts dec Holm 1-0, 0-3, 2-0   Rd. 2 Betts dec. Holm 2-0, 2-0

120kg:  1st Place   – Dremiel Byers (US Army)
               2nd Place – Steve Andrus (Michigan Wrestling Club)
               3rd Place  – Timothy Taylor (US Army)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1 Byers dec. Andrus 1-0, 1-0   Rd. 2 Byers dec. Andrus 2-0, 2-0

                               Women’s Freestyle
55kg:  1st Place   – Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids)
             2nd Place – Helen Maroulis (NYAC)
             3rd Place – Katherine Fulp-Allen (NYAC)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1  Campbell dec. Maroulis 0-2, 1-0, 2-1   Rd. 2 Campbell dec. Maroulis 2-0,  0-1, 1-0

72kg:  1st Place   – Stephany Lee (Sunkist Kids)
             2nd Place – Ali Bernard (Gator Wrestling Club)
             3rd Place – Iris Smith (US Army)
Finals Series:  Rd. 1 Lee dec. Bernard 3-1, 5-2   Rd. 2 Lee dec. Bernard 3-1, 6-0


Results – NYS Freestyle Qualifier @ Middletown HS

Here are the results to the freestyle qualifier held on Saturday 4/21 at Middletown HS.  The Greco-Roman results will be posted as soon as they are available.  Congratulations to all that competed….wrestling the Olympic styles will pay dividends!!!

NYS Qualifier – Freestyle
NYS Qualifier – Greco-Roman


US Olympic Team Trials

96kg Challenger Final:  Tommy Rowlands vs Chris Pendleton…winner takes on Jake Varner!!!
96kg: Rowlands beats Brewster 3-0, 5-0
96kg: Pendleton beats Kilgore 1-0, 4-3  
74kg Challenger Final:  Andrew Howe vs Trent Paulson…the winner takes on Jordan Burroughs!!!
74kg: Paulson beats Dake 2-0, 0-1, 6-0
74kg: Howe beats Caldwell 1-0, 1-0
60kg Challenger Final:  Coleman Scott vs. Logan Stieber
60kg: Stieber beats Zaddick 1-2, 1-0, 1-0
60kg: Scott beats Valenti (Kittatinny) 1-0, 0-1, 7-0
96kg: Rowlands defeats Zabriskie (High Point)  
96kg: Zabriskie (High Point) beats Hall 3-2, 6-0

55kg Women’s:  Duanesburg (Section 2) grad Amy Whitbeck loses 2-1, 4-0
74kg: Dake (Section 4) over Marable in clinch to advance to semis
60kg: Valenti (Kittatinny) over Graff 0-4,  2-0, 1-0…advances to semis!!!

60 kg:  Valenti (Kittatinny) over Hochstrasser 2-1, 2-0
74 kg: Taylor beats Fay in great match!!

Thanks to matside reporters Kevin Gallagher and Tracy Sutera, will be providing real-time updates from the 2012 US Olympic Team Trials being held this weekend at Carver Hawkeye Arena on the campus of the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa.  (I waited until they landed safely to inform them that no Minisink Valley wrestlers are competing at the event!)

The majority of the coverage will be on the men’s freestyle tournament which includes a “touch” of local flavor.  Saturday’s action will include the 60kg, 74kg, and 96kg weight classes.  One of the competitors wrestling at 60kg is Matt Valenti who graduated from Kittatinny Regional HS which just across the S9 border on Sussex County, NJ.  At 96kg, High Point Regional’s David Zabriskie will be a factor.  On Sunday, Max Askren will be competing for an Olympic spot at 84kg.  In Max’s corner will be his freestyle coach….Army Black Knight head wrestling coach Joe Heskett!!!  At 66kg, Army grad Phillip Simpson will take to the mat as well!

Updates will also be provided on Twitter.  Follow me @mec_S9wrestling!

Saturday’s Schedule
Men’s Freestyle: 60 KG, 74 KG, 96 KG
Greco-Roman: 55 KG, 66 KG, 84 KG, 120 KG
Women’s Freestyle: 55 KG, 72 KG

Sunday’s Schedule
Men’s Freestyle: 55 KG, 66 KG, 84 KG, 120 KG
Greco-Roman: 60 KG, 74 KG, 96 KG
Women’s Freestyle: 48 KG, 63 KG

Bios of every wrestler competing at the 2012 US Olympic Team Trials courtesy of

Valenti One Step Closer To Realizing a Dream – London 2012

Newton, NJ Wrestler To Compete at Olympic Trials

Matt Valenti has won dozens of wrestling tournaments in his life.  If he wins his next one, he could be an Olympian.  Valenti, who graduated just across the Section 9 border at Kittatinny Regional High School, is making his final preparations for the US Olympic Team Trials which take place on Saturday and Sunday in Iowa.  He wrestles in the freestyle division and competes at 60KG (132.25 lbs).  The 2012 Olympics will be held in London, England.

If Valenti is able to win the 60KG weight class this weekend, he still is not guaranteed an Olympic bid.  Because the United States has not yet qualified for the Olympics at 60KG in freestyle, USA Wrestling has decided that two of the top wrestlers at this weight, Reece Humphrey and Shawn Bunch, will not be entered in the 2012 US Olympic Team Trials and will instead continue to prepare for a World Olympic Qualifying tournament in China.  If either Humphrey or Bunch are able to qualify the US at 60KG, they will be given a chance to challenge the winner of this weekend’s tournament for the Olympic spot. 

Valenti graduated from high school in 2002 as a 2X New Jersey state champion.  During his senior year, he finished second at the high school nationals and first at the freestyle Junior Nationals.  After graduating high school, Valenti took his talents to the Ivy League where he wrestled for the University of Pennsylvania.  In college, Valenti was a 2X NCAA champion at 133 pounds and finished 5th at 125 pounds as a sophomore thus making him a 3X NCAA D1 All-American!

Since college, Valenti has served as an assistant coach for Columbia (2007-2009) and Penn (2009-current) while simultaneously training for for the London 2012 Olympics.  He had this to say about his Olympic aspirations.  “I’m really excited to compete at the Olympic Trials. It is a childhood dream of mine to represent the United States at the Olympic Games and to bring home a gold medal. I’ve dedicated so much of my life to accomplishing this goal and no matter what happens I know that I will have given my all. I’m thankful for all of the support of family, friends and coaches that I’ve had along the way.”   

Matt, you can rest assured that the entire Section 9 wrestling community is rooting for you!  Good luck!!!


FILA Junior Nationals – Freestyle

New York’s Steven Rodrigues Wins 63KG!

2011 Fox Lane (Section 1) graduate Steven Rodrigues took top honors at 63KG (138.75 lbs.) at the 2012 FILA Junior Nationals in the freestyle division on Saturday.  Rodrigues, a 2011 NYS Champion and 3X state placewinner, will be wrestling for the University of Illinois next year.  Before then, however, Rodrigues has his sights set on another freestyle tournament….the World Team Trials on May 25th at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Great job Steven and good luck next month!!!

                              2012 FILA Junior Nationals
                          Article & Brackets from