Sectional Results From Around The State

As I am able to get results from other state qualifying tournaments around the state, I will “link” them below.



Section 1 D1   D2            Section 7
Section 2 D1  D2            Section 8 D1  D2
Section 3 D1  D2            Section 9 D1  D2
Section 4 D1  D2            Section 10 D1 D2
Section 5 D1  D2            Section 11 D1  D2
Section 6 D1  D2            PSAL D1  D2

6 thoughts on “Sectional Results From Around The State”

  1. Mike, nice job with all these results. Can you publish the S9 D2 results when you have a chance…this is the S9 web site right…hahah. Keep up the good work.

    1. No problem….some of the results are not “clean” brackets…as I get access to such results, I will post them….thanks for the kind words!

  2. Nice job with the sectional results. This saves a lot of time jumping from site to site to find them all.
    However, I am from Colorado and not familiar with Long Island wrestling, but I noticed the Section VIII & Section XI results are identical.

    1. Thanks for picking-up on that….completely my fault….clicked the wrong buttons!!! Fixed now…thanks again…Mike

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